Nokia 7380 Mobile Phone

7380 Mobile Phone from Nokia
The first thing you think when you look at the Nokia 7380 is that it resembles the ipod shuffle, you can’t fault the design though its very sleek and has a seductive edge to it, about time Nokia changed there designs and that have definitely been doing that lately.
The exterior of the phone is a mix of leather and a surface with a mirror effect, but it’s always about what’s inside the mobile phone.

To start it camera is a 2 Mega pixel with a 4x zoom so it will take fantastic pictures.
There is also the Keyless dial system which once you get used to is fantastic.
To make the phone work with your voice there is an Enhanced Voice Commands.
And as with most mobile phones now you get an MP3 Player as well as an FM Radio.
The 7380 is also Tri-Band and comes with a integrated speaker for hands free use.


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