LG F3000 Mobile

This mobile is of a clamshell design and that is in the shape of a car which just looks the business. This phone only weighs 100grams and is only 45x 88x23mm, this mobile phone is also very stylish and fashionable with all the added benefits of its features. To hold the LG F3000 is one of the most comfortable phones to hold in your hand and is one of the most stylish designs. The audio on this mobile is absolutely clear crystal clear in fact plus it has 3 hours talk time and 200 hours on standby. The LG F3000 is available in Europe which is great.

Announced in 2005
Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900
Clamshell Design
200 Hours Standby Time And 3 hours Talk Time
Colour TFT Display with 65536 Colours 128×160 Pixels Resolution
5 Way Keypad Navigation
Integrated camera 0.1M pixels
40 MB shared memory
SMS, EMS and MMS Messaging
MP3 music files
Vibrating alert
40 polyphonic Ringbones
Speed Dialling for up to 8 phone numbers
Java MIDP 1.0
MPEG4 support


6 thoughts on “LG F3000 Mobile”

  1. William says:


    I’m wirting from Toronto, Canada and noticed your review on the new LG F3000 phone and was wondering the price of it, and if possible where and how I can order 1 unit since its not out for sell in North America yet.

    Thanks, hear from you soon.

  2. Daryl says:

    I am writing from Leyland in Lancashire, England and have contacted LG about where I could purchase an LG F3000 mobile phone from and they could not help me! I want one and LG say it is not going to be released in the UK so I would like to know where abroad I can buy one from, how much it will cost and would it work as pay as you go in England? Please reply. Cheers

  3. Manuel says:

    It is a really nice phone and i opurchesd mine online at ebay, click on the link below to be derected there. I Live in the US and i recieved the phone 2 days after i ordered it, it cost me $86 (USD) plus Shipping and handling. (LINK)

  4. So i have this phone and I live in Canada. I CANNOT get it to connect to my computer, and since its an mp3 phone this is a big problem. Also because no one has really heard about this phone here i cant seem to get anyone to fix my problem :(. If anyone who reads this and knows how i can fix it people msg me on myspace. thanks!

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