Samsung SGH P900 T DMB Mobile

THIS IS A MUST HAVE MOBILE PHONE – Now come on look at this design it is pure engineering with its swivel screen with landscape view. TDMB which means (Terrestrial Digital Multimedia Broadcasting), they call it a mobile phone with a twist and boy don’t you want to twist it. This phone is off a clamshell design with an awesome 2.2 inch 262.000 colours plus 240 x 320 pixels for great resolution. The thing that will get you noticed with this phone is that when the phone is in normal position it looks like an ordinary phone but this phone transform from the normal upright position into its landscape mode which gives you a real feel of a normal LCD screen (cool ah). The camera has 2 mega pixels.

MP3, AAC and stereo FM Radio
You can record mobiTV programming which can be received on your phone onto the memory card
Best Feature is to own one.


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  1. obodai torgbor says:

    the phone is nice but there are nine in ghana .i need one very badly but icannot it since i am a student .can you please help me. obodai torgbor ,achimota school ah 11 achimota accra ghana.23321 send me feature information.

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