Nokia concept Mobile phone N-Gage 2

Nokia are discussing at the moment the N Gage 2, Gamastura have sat down with the chief of Nokia’s N-Gage who is Jani Karlsson to talk about the future of mobile platform gaming. Jani Karlsson has said thou that we will have to wait for about a month at the game developer’s conference for the main news. But what they sort of did say was that they wish to bring the N-Gage platform to a new smartphone
sometime this year, and they said that the performance and quality will hopefully catch up of that of a console. So sit back and wait and I will be sure to let you know what happens. Fingers crossed ah. Future looks good for the Nokia N Gage 2.


4 thoughts on “Nokia concept Mobile phone N-Gage 2”

  1. nikhil says:

    hay dude,
    its really cool

    iwant to buy one as soon as possible

    can u send me the price and other details like mobile platform(java/sis),internal memory,cared capacity,and more

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