Sony Ericsson Z520a Mobile

This is a nice little phone with not bad features to add, this is a flip phone that has very good reception due to its small antenna. When the phone is closed there is a small screen on the front and then once the phone is opened there is a bigger screen inside. So you can see who is calling you before you open the phone — yes I know nothing new here but thought I tell you a little about it. This is a quad band phone great for call from just about anywhere in the world, the down side I suppose but nothing to worry about is that the speaker whilst ringing is very good when indoors but once outside it is not that great.

Talk time is very good. This phone is compatible with Apple computers which you can synchronise with Bluetooth, personally as well I have to say it the camera is not that good at all it takes poor pictures that are darkish. All in all not a bad phone it’s pretty cheap and does its job.

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