Free Mobile Phones Debate

We at Phones Review always start and New Debate now and then just so you can get involved, and why because we believe you are the most important people to us. We like you to get involved and have your say. This debate is about Free Mobile Phones — Do you like me and many other believe that they should stop advertising free mobile phone giveaways, the reason why we say this is because phone companies say they are free but in fact they are not really considering on how much you have to pay per month for contracts, have you noticed they never give phones away if you are pay as you go.

Now why do they not give phones away on pay as you go considering 8 times out of ten when you do by a phone you use their tariffs which they earn money from. I know you all know about this but we thought you should have a chance to place comments on your views about contracts, Do you Prefer Contract or Pay as you Go?

If you have any other questions about phones then place a comment and we or other people will be sure to answer your questions. Lets get the ball rolling lets make the debate section huge, the best thing about debates is that you will view all other peoples news and views.

What you waiting for get posting and have fun in the meantime.

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