LG KG800 Chocolate Phone

This is the all new LG KG800 or otherwise nicknamed the LG Chocolate phone because it looks like a chocolate bar, this little beauty has a hidden LCD screen and touch keypads that look and feel stylish. The screen and keypads glow red when in use which looks absolutely stunning; the LG Chocolate made a massive impact in Korea this is why it is understandable that it is here with us now.

This slider phone has a 1.3 megapixel camera and a 240×320 colour screen that as said above looks stunning when lit (it will knock your socks off), The European phone will differ slightly to the Korean version but cannot see major change. It has an MP3 player and 512MB internal memory and is 14.5mm thick.

The Chocolate phone from LG is an amazing phone that is pure class and if we are not mistaking is going to be one of the top selling phones on the market.

If you love this phone then we would recommend buying here (just click any of the links below) –
Carphone Warehouse (Monthly Contracts)
Carphone Warehouse (Pay as you Go)

Do you want a piece of the Chocolate? Be nice to know how many people would want this phone. Send in your comments in the box below. Thanks


292 thoughts on “LG KG800 Chocolate Phone”

  1. Alex says:

    Looks amazing… really really want it. Korea is supposed to have one of the most competitive mobile phone markets in the world. So if it did well there (7% of market) then must be good? Cant wait!

  2. Bez says:

    got the lg kg 800 2days old having problems already apparently you cannot leave the phone on whilst it is charging as soon as the usb is plugged in the phone turns of. Have spoke to carphone warehouse who tell me this is the case, waiting for feedback from the lg website, if anybody else has this problem i would like to know!!!

  3. Rich says:

    I got LG KG800 a week ago. Looks brilliant, but has some annoying bugs. Second day the speaker wouldn’t work so couldn’t hear anyone when calling, had to take battery out and put back in to sort it. Yes, it wont charge whilst turned on, it automatically switches off when you connect. If you connect the charger to the phone without plugging in to the mains the phone stays on and shows it is charging!! When receiving a text the alert is way too quite. Finally have had problems with the computer software and getting it to connect to the phone. Really don’t want to get rid of it put LG have had a reputation for dodgy phones. Also does anyone know if it has a speaker phone as cant find one? Sorry for negative comments but apart from that is a wicked phone!

  4. Mr T. says:

    I’ve been waiting for this phone to come out and when I wanted to buy one from the Carphone Warehouse (Waterloo)they told me their batch had been recalled after 2 days because of a charging problem. A new batch should be coming in next week. Can’t wait!!!

  5. James says:

    I have just bought one through the Carphone Warehouse on O2. What a stunning phone. Great sound quality lovely touch pad buttons and some great tones. Very loud ring and so easy to use. Very light and a superbly smooth slide action.

  6. Matt says:

    Carphone Warehouse in Leeds have also had their stock recalled because of a problem with the charger – I was told this is a national problem. If you have already got one you should probably contact the store.

  7. Sooz says:

    Bought one! Its really sweet, am chuffed with it! Touch buttons are wicked, camera’s sweet, screns great, navigation of the menu is good, havent used software yet, has frozen up once and only had it 8 hours, but fingers crossed thats it. Overall realy good looking and a good buy, happy so far, just hope L.G give good support online for it, as L.G phones arnt usaully that good, maybe this is the start of a good phone from L.G.

  8. Bez says:

    If anyone has a problem with the charger carphone warehouse have said that they will send out a new charger plus a bluetooth headset as an apology for the inconvience.
    Also software is a nightmare is anyone has any idea pls let me know………………..

  9. Clare says:

    Meant to be getting one at the end of the month torn between this and Nokia N80 as Nokia are always good quality and LG not so much. Look forward to more reviews though so I can decide properly

  10. Lord_Byron says:

    I’m on vodafone and due for an upgrade! This phone is just what i’m looking for, but it says its out on the 3rd may, as you can see its now the 5th and still no sign from Vodafone that they will even be stocking it! Anyone know n e thing about it?

  11. Chralotte says:

    I have just got one of these phones…. I like it. I have one question…. does anyone know how to add a picture to a contact, as everytime i do, it comes up with phonebook picture empty. I cant seem to find out how to put pictures in this folder…….. any ideas?

  12. JoJo says:

    Oh, one more thing, has anyone moved from a sony erricson to this phone? Is it easy to ajust to the text messaging (i.e. keypad functions, full stops, space etc.) May not sound major, but, you’ll know what i mean if you’ve ever tried texting from a friends phone when your battery’s dead. Ta!

  13. ali says:

    hey, saw the phone 2day, its really nice n gettin one wen my contract ends. yea it has an automatic lock wen its closed, and the key pad is like a nokia one, so the space n stuff is in a diff place. i got a sony ericcson atm so its a lil diff but im guessin easy to get used to

  14. Bez says:

    to use a photo as a contact the photo needs to bo taken in 72×72 size using the camera options to change the size, and then when you select the photo in contacts all the photos taken in this size will appear, hope this helps.

  15. sophie says:

    helooo…..I WANT THIS FONE!! im getting a new fone soon. and i want this 1…but does it have a good memory?
    does the fone include a lead 2 dwnload pics from the fone to the computer? and does teh fone hav video? and how long do the videos last?
    can sum1 plezz help me:) thankyou xxxxx

  16. Lucy says:

    The LG chocolate mobile is stylish, sexy, great features. even the box/packaging is exciting! The only negative is watch for fingerprints/scratches on the pristine glossy outside.

    Verdict – how could you you get excited about a mobile – buy one and see for yourself.

  17. Had Motorolla, 6 different Nokias(6100, 8210, 8210, 6230 etc) but the LG KG800 (Chocolate) has converterd me so now I have one. It does everything Nokia does and better. Menu system is great, shortcuts are great, calendar great etc etc. battery performance same as Nokia 6230 so far.

  18. Abby says:

    Just got this phone and charging it – the phone lights up for a few secounds then goes blank as it switched off. However, if I slide it open it lights up and shows its charging but I can’t tell by just looking at it (see how many bars its charged. Have charged it for 2 hrs now the battery says its charged – can this be right as I was told to keep it charging for minimum 8 hrs? Please help, let me know if I should get a new charger or send it all back.

  19. michelle says:

    I got this phone 2 days ago and everyone who’s seen it, likes it. Its sleek and classy but I wasn’t to impressed with the headset! The line seems dodgy and the people I call can’t seem to hear me very clearly oh and by the way how do I get the loud speaker on it?

  20. Dan says:

    I have not had another phone in some time as I work from home and do not need one that much, so my current P800 is not much to look at.
    So today I went out and got this phone and trust me when I say “its cool and looks wicked”.
    It has an ipod feel to it, very stylish…I love it.

  21. KPY says:

    Got mine 2 days ago. so far I’m a little disapointed. Considering sending it back. My opinions

    + points:
    stylish, size, easy to use.

    – points:
    messages alerts are too quiet, no option for volume for message alerts, and only 4 choice of tones for message alerts (I wanted to assign MP3 tune 🙁 ).
    Tiny memory to use as MP3 player
    A little differcult to open if you got smooth hands.

  22. KPY says:

    oh and the vibrate is a too subtle for messages (this maybe due to being so slim and so isn’t actually leaning against my leg when in my pocket)

  23. KPY says:


    press one of the buttons on the left once, this will light up the screen. press twice to unlock (useful is you want to change to silent/general mode etc without sliding the phone open)

  24. antony says:

    i wanted to buy it. jst this evening popped into one of the carphonewh shop and ‘felt’it.. amazing one..but now after detailed browsing i noticed that it doesnt have a video camera….mentioned in carphwh site but not mentioned in other sites.since i was deeply impressed by the ‘touch’ i didnt bother to ask the salesperson. anyone who bought it… please clarify.

  25. Abby says:

    Thanks for your advice Michelle and KPY – Im totally crap with gadgets and this is the second moby Ive ever had!(My old phone is real basic). Im really exicted about this phone and hope all goes well. Thanks u guys!!!

  26. Chris says:

    The LG KG800 does have a video camera, I am using it on mine at this very minute!

    I have no problem with poor vibrate or quiet tones, but I am a little disappointed that the phone had no speakerphone/loudspeaker option – well, if it does I can’t find it, so please let me know if one exists.

    I also have similar problems to others when charging – ie. it turns itself off. Although it still charges the phone. Any ideas on what to do? Take it back to Carphone Warehouse or not?

  27. Chris says:

    Just arrived in the post – Carphone Warehouse sent me automatically a replacement charger for my LG KG800 that works properly and they also sent me a free bluetooth headset to say sorry! If you bought a phone from CPW with a didgy charger expect a replacement and a free gift soon!!!

  28. antony says:

    thanks chris… i guess i’ve made my choice but i will have to confirm the speakerphone thingy again..eventhou it may not stop me from buying .. and every site i checked.. it says there is spkrph. Well my sweet ‘chocolate’… daddy is coming to take you home.

  29. KPY says:

    I’ve not noticed a speakerphone option.

    I’m a pretty fussy person, and I’ve decided to return mine, just purely because of the message functions…just too niggly for me, and I don’t think I can live with it over long term….shame ’cause it is a beautiful bit of kit

  30. sophie says:

    i geting this fone nxt saturday! but i need 2 know if it has bluetooth, on sum website it says it does but uthers it dnt…pleasee help me:D


  31. Abby says:

    Tried to make a call on my choc phone but no sound – had to take the battery out and in again for it to work… Has anyone had the same prob repeatedly or is it a one off? Also, any ideas how to move music from itunes folder to moby – I’ve installed the mp3 phone info on my pc but dont know how to get my music on it. Please help

  32. KPY says:

    Hiya Abby,

    If you got windows XP, soon as you connect your phone it should recognise you phone as a removable drive (like a memory pen)

    then open that drive, open media then songs (I’m only remembering off top of my memory!) then drag and drop your music.

    don’t just drag a folder in there as your phone wont recognise it, just drag in the songs.

    Hope this helps

  33. sophie says:

    heloo, i hav read many comments say that this phone does not have speakerphone. but can u still listen to the music that you have downloaded on to your phone out loud?

  34. Abby says:

    Hi KPY

    I followed ure intsructions – managed to sync selected songs and it shows it going to my device (E;/ drive) but nothing shows on my moby when I check my mp3. Any idea what Im doin wrong aside from getting blood pressure with this! SOS again. Thanks

  35. Does the KG800 from o2 come with any o2 branding that it is impossible to remove?

    Often companies change things like the startup screen, menu’s etc to match the company rather than the phone!

  36. lou says:

    Omg i so want the fone but im not sure if it is that gd cos peeps hav said that they dont like it but others say its gr8 Help i dunno if i should get it or not help plz xxx

  37. James says:

    Got mine today 😀 its super sexy mwha can’t wait till its charged and number has been transfered! Which brings me to my question, how long did you charge for, for the first charge?

  38. kat says:

    i’ve had the phone for a week now. still loving the design.
    But am v disappointed with the texting – it frequently misses letters even though i am now making extra effort to type firmly and slowly. Means i have to backspace and retype every c.5th word.
    Also find it so quiet that I can only use it indoors and even then its not easy to hear the caller talking. I have the volume on max (and am not deaf, never had a problem with other phones).
    Considering returning it – a shame as its the first phone in years i actually wanted to own.

  39. KPY says:

    Hi Abby

    Sorry for the delay. You haven’t put a folder in the mp3 folder have you? The songs need to be straight into the mp3 folder, not a folder of the artist/album then the songs. Hope this makes sense!

    Sophie – phone does have video recorder and mp3’s can be heard aloud; earphones are also supplied

    Kat – I know what you mean. Its the only phone that I wanted in ages, but I returned it because of the little niggles 🙁

  40. Phones Review says:

    To KPY

    Just want to say thanks for your comments in here and are really greatful for your continuos return in helping out people in need. We would like to know if you would love to review phones or anything to do with phones.

    If you would like to do this for fun all you need to do is go to the contacts link at the bottom of the page and put your information in there and if we like what you have written we will transfer it as a post. You could even say anything you wish about phones and if we think it is good we would start another catergory saying KPY Reviews.

    All the best

    From Phones Review Site Admin

  41. KPY

    Just wanted to say hi how are you and thankyou for coming here and helping out our readers and hope they appreciate your help.

    Did you get my email, we are sorting out a special page where people like yourself can review phones and have your say and if we like what we see we will publish it with your name or anyone else that reviews name next to the post.

    All reviews will be published once we have read through it which is our policy.

    Hope to here from you soon KPY.

    Just another quick question does everyone like the revamp we have made to phones review. We are trying to make this site more user friendly as our slogan says …the users choice.

  42. cj 207 says:

    message alerts are hopeless.
    pls let me know if anyone help with downloading
    other tones.
    i have managed to download ringtone and wallpaper but REALLY STRUGGLING with message tone.

  43. KPY says:

    you can’t assign different msg tones other than the 4 options that are built in. Major flaw in my opinion, but Samsung are another manufacturer that are in a similar situation

  44. Scott says:

    Hello All,
    Is any one having problems using the wap service on vodafone….ive seen it on other mobiles and its completely different… hardly a service at all !! any feedback welcome ! cheers

  45. djshades says:

    It’s a lovely looking phone, it really does look the business but that’s about it, it’s ONLY a phone!!! Like most other phones it’s a way of life….everything you need in 1 hand held gadget??? Think again with the LG Chocolate!!!

    MP3 – not too bad!
    Camera – very basic!
    Calendar – ONLY holds 20 entries – that’s AWFUL!

    It’s a shame really – buy a Nokia or a Sony to avoid disappointment

  46. becky says:

    has anyone else had problems with the speaker, i had a few days where i couldnt hear anyone on the other end this happened on outgoing and incoming calls. i called o2 (from my landline) and they said to send it back and a replacement would be sent out, however it started working that evening not sure what to do with it now!
    no problems with charger, yet

  47. Lynne says:

    I got this phone 6 weeks ago and it’s broken. Something not connecting inside it so no calls coming through, no sounds for text messages, no alarm. Nothing works until I hold the screen down and keep holding it. Trying to get it fixed but getting no where.

  48. Emma says:

    Well, it is a lovely looking phone
    I’ve had it a day now, but I’ve come across a problem.. maybe I’m just not looking properly 🙁

    The poroblem is that;
    I want to apply an mp3 as my ringing tone. I just can’t work out how to..?
    I was thinking that maybe I have dropped the mp3 files into the wrong folder (which was; ‘Music’) I didn’t have to drop them into the sounds folder did I?
    I haven’t got that far yet, so I haven’t looked into the speaker part yet.. But I like the idea that you can put a person on hold whilst you talk to another person 😀 wow!! (Second Call)

    Anyway, if you do have any ideas please help!!
    Thanks a lot

  49. Emma says:

    Follow on from my comment..
    I have done the obvious of things which is to go onto the ‘Profiles’ and personalize it, but it doesn’t seem to work,
    I’ve also tried going onto the mp3 playlist and setting it as a ringtone from there. But no success 🙁

    Anybody had the same problem, or had any ideas on it what to do..??

    Thank youu

  50. Dee says:

    What a sexy phone! Bought it, loved the feel, loved the look, hate the phone. Tried to keep it from getting scratched by buying the case, you can’t use the phone in the case, the recessed end button on the side is untouchable while in the case. I would like to see the great touch sensitive buttons on the inside and the phone buttons on the outside as the phone locks when the slider is closed. Open the phone to call using voice activation (if you can) and the touch sensitive buttons (even on low) react to the slightest touch. At one point this reprogramed how to end a call (slider or end button). I took it back but would love to have another when they get the bugs worked out. I hear the Asian version has the key and touch sensitive buttons in a swapped position, looking less like an iPod but much more functional as a phone. The battery gets hot rather quickly too. It’s a great idea that needs more work.

  51. LG Choc sucks says:

    Ive had the LG Chocolate for a couple of weeks now and im already thinking about smashing it into tiny pieces……. it drops 95% of all calls, the touch pad is so sensitive writing a text is a total nightmare, that is if it doesnt try and send it half unfinished, reception is rubbish, the software that’s bundled with it doesnt work properly. Im currently battling with Orange to take it back so they can shove it up their ar$e which has left me at the moment using my old Samsung D500 as im worried that although i have a high tolerance level the LG Chocolate could push me over the edge………

    Yours sincerly……

    a very disgruntled LG Choclate user

    :o( :o( :o( :o( :o(

  52. sinakarimi says:

    this phone has good style & very nice !
    BUT it doesn’t get many kind of (wav) file’s and any (wav) file’s if it’s over 460 kb & it doesn’t any programs & good games .

    ThAnk YoU .

  53. haifa says:

    Has anyone got a problem with the mp3 player function on the chocolate? When I play mp3s on the speaker, it sounds fine. But when i plug in the handsfree, the music gets distorted and i get poor sound quality. I’ve had the handsfree replaced, but the problem persists!

  54. benny says:

    hi all

    i just have ordered mine from ebay and now reading here after i bought is making me sick already coz i was having bad vew on my friend, he did not have probs but now i’m on the cold about it coz can’t send it back nowhere

    hope it will work fingrs crossed

  55. Had this phone since when it just came out and I have to say that while it looks the part, it has some seriously annoying limitations and one major issue.

    Limitations such as:

    Limit on photo filesize.
    Limit on txts stored is 150.
    Limited number of msg tones.
    Limit on the size of photos for caller display.
    Limit on the number of words stored in the t9 dictionary.

    Texting on this phone is a bit of a chore.

    BUT most importantly, I have been having trouble with the sound on this thing. The call volume seems to have a mind of it’s own. I just took a phonecall and I couldn’t hear a thing, the volume was up full. A restart solved it. A while ago I thought I was going deaf as I could hardly hear the phone despite it being up full and then suddenly after weeks of this it came back to normal!!!!

    Overall not really that impressed with it and i’m stuck with it for another 9 months!! I got it as a replacement for my brick of a 7710 but to go from Symbian functionality to this is just paralysing!!!

  56. Brittney says:

    After reading these comments, I’m not sure if i Want to get this cell anymore on EBAY..:S Any thoughts on If i should get this or not :S? Oh and I also heard you dont get a card slot or something? Is that true..O_O

  57. Hey… there wicked phones… mines been fine … think u guys must of had the really early versions..

    okay my screen cracked but that was my own fault for sitting on it lol beware there small and fragile 😛 😉

    still wicked phone 🙂

    Lew x London Uk

  58. jez says:

    My camera doesnt seem to be workng properly, if I take a photo it says ‘memory full’ even though there are no pictures stored.Also the video camera only records for 2 seconds and has the same storage problems as the camera.
    I put music on it but alll the songs came up twice so i deleted them and now i cant put any songs on for some reason.
    Anyone else had similar problems?

  59. Hey, just got this phone, as far as working, i did buy it used but i got it from a Verizon dealer and it worked quite nicely for a while, then the touch pad started going crazy, and a lot of times, i just slide the phone open and it starts to call people randomly. Yeah…headache. I’m contacting Verizon concerning this issue, but i’ve already tried all the different settings for the sensor levels and stuff and it still didn’t help the problem, I also have a problem with the menus…it starts to scroll randomly through them and i can’t get it to stop unless of course, i slide the phone shut. But other than that…its an amazing phone. I use BitPim to get songs, wallpapers, and ringers. Works just fine. Got the USB cable from Ebay.com, and got a car charger for it from ebay too, everything works awesomely as far as the general phone functions. I will keep you updated on these weird actions it keeps doing. Buy the phone NEW. haha. not used. Its a great phone and they have some good tight looking ones out now, Verizon has the Mint, Cherry, and White Chocolate phones out now. I like the mint, look at the phones at http://www.verizonwireless.com. If you have any other questions about like connecting it to your computer, just send me an email, I would be glad to help. quiksilver2012@gmail.com.

  60. mm vunhpy says:

    Have had my Choc for 2 months, just back from the shop today, to remedy the auto sms-ing menu jumping etc. T-mobile swapping current choc for new tomorrow. hopefully this will be better. But it has been basically impossibel to use, and have gone back to my old Nokia. Cant go wrong with the Nok.

  61. Josie_Wosie says:

    I am signed up to recieve messages from a band I like and when the message comes in, instead of it saying the band name like it does on everyone else’s phone, mine shows as having come from the first name in my ohone book even tho when you look at the details it is a 5 digit number instead of that person’s number?

    Anyone any ideas why this is and how I can make it better?

    Jo xox

  62. anyone know how to put phonebook images??? says:

    Igot this phone couple days ago.. still can’t fingure out how to put images on the contacts.. every time i try to switch the picture it gives an error ” Phonebook Images Empty” … Why?

  63. Erin says:

    I hate this phone, I got it the day Verizon released it. The touch screen is ALWAYS messed up and it randomly calls people.

    However, it does charge while turned on. I talk to people and charge my phone all the time, and I leave my phone plugged in all night while charging. It just beeps first.

    MM I don’t think it has speakerphone..

    Good things? IT looks really cool, and I like not having to open it up to talk!

  64. Lynda says:

    Hey i have a pink chocolate, had it for about a month now, got it off ebay and all was working grand until recently! now when i go in to send a text it turns itself off. This is really annoying. It happens some stage every day but then comes alright after an hour or so, don’t really know who will fix it for me as i bought it privately! any ideas????

  65. amandah43 says:

    To put a picture on your contacts, you need to take the photo in the size of 72×72 and then it should appear in your phonebook pictures!! Hope this helps!!


  66. becky says:

    i had an lg kg800 as my mobile in my contract on the 1st december 2006, and only 25 days on i am not happy as it cuts out and scratches really easily…the screen is scratched to shreds.. this phone is supposed to be my pride and joy for the year and i am not loving it…it looks a lovely phone and the touch sensitive is clever… the memory isnt very good, but the camera is excellent…the sound is ok too. it has alot more negs than positives….i might have to change already i think…not happy. sorry guys. x

  67. Mia says:

    I am saving up for a LG Chocolate phone, and reading some of these comments, I don’t think I won’t to but one! – Is the money good? – I want a phone that will hold lots of pictures and music!! – Please help Mia x

  68. Okay, well i got this phone about a week today. So far I have found it amazing. Touch senceative buttons hard to get used to, but you do in the end. Camera is rather great, and Video is wicked. MP3 quality of music is great but it only holds 128mb and has no memory slots so that you can add more memory =|. Be careful though, if this phone is dropped make sure to cheack the slide. Mine kind of slipped out of my hand the other day onto hard floor and the slide has become a tad looses and moves from side to side about 0.5mm. But the phone works stiill. People say that the phone gets easily scratched. No way! You get a velvety case with it, and even after me dropping it there is no scratches. Only really needs cleaning if you have greasy hands. Over all best phone I’ve ever had. =D


  69. jerriann says:

    hi i was wondering if anyone has had this problem with the LG chocolate phone i cant get mine to take the memory card like everytime i add the card the phone freezes and wont do anything until i take the card back out if anyone here has had the same problem please e-mail me and let me know how to solve it if u could please!!!
    Thank You Jerriann

  70. Freddy says:

    I’ve had the phone for about 2 months now … I love the look & feel and easy to use functionality … the biggest turnoff is the lack of speakerphone. The manuals say it has speakerphone function that can be used while calling but I looked everywhere and didn’t find the option for speakerphone. I dropped it a couple of times and yes it does get scratched easily and the sliding part on mine got loose too from the drop. I recently noticed that the phone is not saving the new words I add to he dictionary while testing and it also is not saving the “rank” on the game, no settings or options for the internal memory, if anybody has info on this problem please comment. Overall with the negatives and positives there is no other phone out there that I would get instead. I give it a 9 out of 10.

  71. bumbleboo[werid name i know] says:

    hey yall i just got the chocolate like 3 weeks ago. For people asking, no it doesnt have speaker phone. I cant seem to get my phone to connect with my computer though, and i cant figure out why. also, when il on the phone, theres this strange beep every now and again. Reception is also a bad thing. can anyone help me?!. Otherwise its a good buy!=)

  72. Chelsea says:

    The chocolate is a good phone but there annoying
    i have one and the touch screen breaks to easily. mine flips out whenever i try to do something or it just doesnt work my sensitivity is on super. its out of control.

  73. pyrite says:

    I have it, and the touch screen, along with the awkward positioning of the end key, are really annoying. The battery life is incredibly poor, and in general, it just seems to be poorly designed.

  74. alex says:

    Just got mine, and it look very sleek and i can’t wait to start trying it out! Although, i am unsure of what i can and cannot do in charging, some people say that you should make the first charge very long as the first one is very important. I can’t wait that long! Anyone have any ideas , or does the first charge really matter??

  75. Scouser says:

    got this phone last week and up to now i have been impressed..the texting i have got used to and the mp3 player is quailty, i have only one problem which is using the internet. I am on orange and the home page comes up with orange it says you can purchase a all day bundle for a £1, but when the text message comes through it says, ”sorry request cannot be completed, try again later” and it wont let me download any games. I am all round happy but i want to browse the internet and download games, can anyone help?

  76. Sue says:

    Ive had the LG chocolate for about 3 weeks now and i have been complaining about it ever since. The first problem that i encountered was that it doesn’t keep the rank of the game, then it doesnt keep the added words on the T9 dictionary but the most bugging of all is the fact that i don’t hear a thing when i receive phone calls. It’s really driving me insane as compared to my Samsung T-100 … its really lacking functionality. Finally can i know why the handsfree is with two headphones… cos in our country it is illegal to use handsfree with two headphones while driving!!!!!

    Overall i can say that yes it is a stylish phone but nothing more than that…. i would suggest… BUY SOMETHING ELSE

  77. Rich says:

    I love mine, had it for a month now. For those looking for speaker phone, you simply hit the camera button after dialing or answering. It works, just not very loud.

  78. Steph says:

    Hi it looks cool BUT i have second thought on getting one now!!! Is it really that bad?
    I would end up spending all of my christmas money and more on it! Any other ideas on other phones i could get?
    I really want the lg chocolate so much is there any good points about it???


  79. .*.SXC CHAR.*. says:


  80. Kim says:

    I got to say this phoneb is terrible and they should put a sign on it that says it doesn’t work because it really doesn’t. I had mine recalled because it wouldn’t work and the computer software is a joke. I had to install it on my friend’s really fast computer than transfer it on to mine. I just gotta say that this phones hits the bottom harder than any phone before. Like comparing an electric car to a hummer.

  81. The first time I saw this phone I wanted it so for christmas 2006, I got it; 3 weeks later the touchable screen broke I couldnt do anything with it! I am so dissapointed and still wondering what will happen to it and my advise is to never buy this phone as lgs, whatever the kind, are dodgy ! ITS A DISCRASE.

  82. Pete says:

    The only upside for me is that it’s going to cost me about £100 in total for the phone and a 200 mins and 75 texts 12 month contract. I’m not a lore on mobiles but I’m trying to get my V220 back off my wife.

  83. Leigh says:

    I am having a lot of trouble trying to get WAP coverage (through vodafone). I have had to put in all the settings…which surprised me as my previous phone just connected straight away…..but when going into menu/browser/home it comes up with invalid settings!! Only had this phone a few days and am beginning to regret my descision.

  84. Lou says:

    I have had this phone for nearly 11 months now and im due for a new one – thank god – its a good looking phone and a talking point in the pub but thats about it. I have had all the problems with it as listed here, and now – about 3 times a day when i slide the screen up – it is just completely white – wont do anything at all – still got sound but no screen – you have to switch it off an on again then its ok for a bit. cant wait for my upgrade – im going back to samsung – LG phones are still rubbish!

    If anyone knows why my screen keeps going white – please let me know ! Cheers !

  85. stephen says:

    Iv had my Lg for about 8 months now and i have to say its really crap, It was good at first but then some bugs started like the screen would go of colour when i opened it, but that would sort its self out now and then. then there was the camera witch started going funny and now when i click camera to use it is freezes on the loading sceen and i have to take the battery off to get the phone to work and when trying to record video’s with its there r loads od black and white lines on the screen so i carnt see what your trying to record so thats messed up and now the sound is started to crackle when playing music i have to say this is a really bad phone i was expecting better i wont be getting a lg ever again.

  86. Debbie Keating says:

    Loved my phone when I first got it in August 2006. I started having problems with the touch pad flicking onto things that i wasn’t touching, then problems with the sound people couldn’t hear me and I couldn’t hear them occasionally. Now it’s a complete nightmare I can hardly hear a thing anyone is saying to me. I bought the phone outright and didn’t get insurance, now i’m stuck with a phone that doesn’t work. My friend is also having the exact same problems with hers too.

  87. Clare says:

    DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE!! We have 1 each (me and the boyf) and have had nothing but problems with them, his gave up life months ago and mine cuts out, rings people randomly, sends half done texts to people and has the worst signal and reception on any phone – this is poorer than my first mobile about 10 years ago! Orange’s answer is they will charge us £15 each to get new phones and we have to have these pieces of cr*p again. I am not happy and honestly this is the worst excuse of a mobile ever – looks really don;t account for anything here!

  88. Christopher says:

    i got this phone at xmas and problems have started recently. when i slide it up, the screen goes white every time! i can get in2 the menu using the side buttons but then the screen is disgonal and when i try to access any of the menu buttons, the screen goes white again! problem is i cant find my receipt. ive read a few people on here saying the phone just keeps going white. any1 had any help with the problem

  89. Sandy says:

    So I’ve had my chocolate for quite some time now, and all of a sudden the touch screen won’t work!!! I’m in LOVE with my phone, and now I can’t do anything on it!!! :'( HELP?!?!

  90. Yes the LG Chocolate does have video – The KG800 records and plays video too so you can record and watch 3GP videos on your phone wherever you are. We here at PhonesReview hope this is of help to you and please do spread the word about Phones Review.

  91. play_zoey_boy says:

    hi please can sombody tell me if you can put a memory card in this phone as i am about to buy it and i need to fit lots of songs on thanx xxxx

  92. ib says:

    hiya i just got my lg n its wicked but I dont hav a clue how to download stuff of my computer onto it using the usb cable.PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. Jess says:

    I loved the phone when i got it… i thought it was amazing and was indistructable as i dropped it many times…


    Don’t chuck chunky shoes at the screen it will have an amazingly large inside crack which will not be fixed!!! It will be like ink stuck inside of it and have multicoloured lines going down the screen!!!
    Also it sometimes dosn’t let you see you contact list and send messages or read them… you just have to reboot it!

    But other than my stupid mistake it was brilliant!!!!

  94. Glenn says:

    I cannot connect my KG800 to my PC (Windows XP) yet it connects to my Apple iMac without any problems. After much cursing I had a techie tell me it is because there was a problem with the driver on the PC. The problem did not actually lie with the phone but with the PC!!

  95. Eva says:

    i got LG Chockie 1 year ago, and am not happy with it at all… the speaker does not work 60% of the time, when i have to switch the phone off & then back on again.. Keyboard very tricky for texting, battery doesnt last very long and there are only 4 different text allerts to choose from…

    Last but not least, is the problem with the clock, which despite me setting it for the right time, always somehow manages to go behind… also, there is no speaker phone..

    Good points: Cool design, very slim & light

  96. Josie_Wosie says:

    I posted a few months ago about text problems and just found out today that it is a fault with the phone (I get text messages from various short codes I have subscribed to but they come in as being from the 4th person in my phonebook)

    Anyway, Orange have said they will send me out a new phone 2moro so I tried to transfer the numbers from my sim to my phone and every contact that had more than one number against it has now lost all of the numbers bar one? Is it possible to get these back?

    Also, can I save the text messages I have in my phone to my sim so that I don’t loose them? There are a couple on there that are important to me and I don’t want to loose them :o(

    Any help would be much appreciated as the new phone is supposed to get here between 9 and 1 2moro.

    Jo xox

  97. sue says:

    I’m glad to know I’m not the only one having trouble with the texting. It sends the message before I’m done. Also dials by itself at random. I’ve had the software upgraded twice and now they are sending out a replacement. They are being so nice about it, I figure they must be aware of the issues. Wish I could get a green one in exchange but they said it had to be the same one.

    Mental note – next time wait a little while before you buy the latest gadget. Don’t be the first on your block.

  98. simrangill says:

    ok i got the LG Chcolate brand new and it has already stared to stress me out wiht problems. ok these are my problems the phone frezzes sumtimes and the down and answer bottons doesnt work and tehn the phone just frezzes and then i have to restart the phone to get it to work again i dont want to get ride of it because its such a beauty, and i juss love the touch screan. i would like to know if anyone know how it fix this problem and if flashing the phone will fix the problem. thanks

  99. Rose says:

    y r some people saying this phone i really bad I’m thinking about getting one but I don’t to doubt it! Please give me positive things! xxx

  100. Bianca says:

    i am thinking about getting this phone this arvo.. does any one know if it comes as an optus phone at a local optus shop or is it just a telstra phone

  101. Brian says:

    I have had this phone for 3 months now. I got off Ebay and it is a pain in the butt. Shuts off by itself all the time. LED screen is shot and foggy looking. And i have not even dropped the phone. Anyone know where to get a new LED screen to replace it?

  102. Lissa says:

    ok Eva, i just wanted to let you know, ive had a chocolate phone for quite a while now, my speaker always works, my keyboard is just fine for texting, how is it tricky? its just like any other phone, my battery lasts longer on this phone than any phone ive ever had, if you use it alot of course the battery is going to die faster, and you can set your text alert to anything you want, as in ring tones, sounds, or record things for it, if u want it simple ya theres not that many but theres more than four and its just like any other phone if you want more, download them. my clock is always right it is satalite time, and there is speaker phone, i use it all the time. and it does not stay on when you charge it if u turn it off.
    Sue, the reason your phone sends messages before you are done is becase u accidentally hit the send button, it is not the phone it is u, i have had the same problem. when it dials is because it is not locked before you put it in yopur pocket or something make sure it says its locked and doesnt come unlocked or you can hit buttons and it will dial. if u have alot of problemns with your phone call them or take it in they will gladley give you a new one with no charge if u have insurance.

  103. Kirsty says:

    I would seriously consider getting a different phone – yes the touchscreen is cool and it looks fantastic, but its awkward to text and just recently mine has started to freeze A LOT!! Mostly when texting…it also shuts down and asks for the SIM to be inserted – what’s that all about???!! My patience with it has just about run out and I think that it may meet a messy demise due to being thrown against a brick wall ….

  104. debbee says:

    Iv just got this phone today! looks wicked, bit of a pain to use when got acrylic nails on tho. LOL!
    Anyway its been on charge for about 4hrs now, showing fully charged 2, will this be right or should i leave it on charge longer. Been told 16hrs charge first time, is this right?
    Also i can still use the phone when its charging, hasn’t automatically turned of or out!

    The manual also says you get a pouch, i didn’t? I no its probably only with certain providers. I got mine from phones4u on Virgin. Did any1 else get a pouch?

  105. ken says:

    i have a lg chocolate in white and i have had 1 in black i have got to say that so far i have not had any probs and it dosent turn off wen on charge either it is way way way better than the n80 get 1

  106. Rose says:

    I strongly recommend that people do not buy this phone. While the touch screen is a cool function, it’s very difficult to work with as it’s extremely sensitive. The keypad is very hard to use, it takes a lot of hard pressing to key in a letter when typing text messages. I’ve had mine for about 9 months, kept it in perfect condition but the other day it decided to have a mind of its own. I can’t slide it open without it accessing various menus by itself, (with me not touching a button!) and even going so far as to send blank text messages to the first person in my contact list every time it’s open. It goes into all of the menus, then exits them, then goes back into them. Even when you’re pressing BACK or CLEAR, it’ll override you. It’s not a very good phone at all. DO NOT BUY.

  107. Danielle says:

    I liked the phone at first… Now it calls random people when I open it, sends text messages before I’m finished, and freezes. Not to mention the touch keys don’t always work and I’ve only had it for 7 months. They told me to bring it in and they’ll replace it, but I’m not too sure I even want it anymore. I wouldn’t recommend getting one.

  108. Kristy-Lee says:

    I had my chocolate phone since January 2007. Although it looks pretty, and has a lot of cool functions, I DO NOT ADVISE PEOPLE TO GET THIS PHONE. Like other people have said, for the last few weeks my phone repeatedly freezes up, does not charge properly, has trouble getting a signal, and I seven get error messages?! The touch screen is a pain, and makes it difficult to use with or without the case. I’m taking my phone back to hopefully fix whatever is wrong with it, or get a DIFFERENT phone. It’s not worth the hype. Looks are not everything. And, where is the speaker phone? The battery life on this thing is bad as well. I spent about $250.00 in total for the phone plus accessories. Waste of money! I will keep you guys posted on what happens when I bring it in!

  109. Michelle says:

    Can anyone please tell me if this phone has a speaker, if it does how do I find it? I will appriaciate if anyone can help me out, thanx guys!

  110. Michelle says:

    Can anyone tell me if this phone has a spearker? if it does where can I find it. I’ll appriaciate a lot if someone can help me out, thanx guys!

  111. Reddired says:

    Had my chocolate for about 3 months – have 2 say, not overly impressed. Had a Sony Ericcson before and the LG just doesn’t have the same functionality on txts e.g no initial capital after a full stop, little things like that but so annoying.

    Also it has just started to not save T9 dictionary words that take ages to input – someone else reported this earlier- any ideas why?
    Overall, would not recommend buying one.

  112. Amy says:

    Can anyone confirm whether this phone can receive video text messages?

    I got this phone a week ago and was initially unable to view any multimedia messages (i.e. photo texts). I scoured the manual and found out that I needed to set it to ‘Auto retrieve’ for multimedia texts. As soon as I did this I was able to view photo texts properly. However, I am still unable to view video texts. All that appears is an annoying graphic of a roll of film with a folder and a question mark.
    My previous phone was a RAZR V3i and I never had any problems viewing video texts with this. I’m on a contract with Vodofone and they have assured me that this is not a network problem.
    The manual states that I should be able to receive video texts, but I can’t view them properly, and when I phoned the LG phone support line the man I spoke to said that because it’s not a 3G phone I won’t be able to view video messages. Is that true? I knew it wasn’t a 3G phone, but all the literature says I should be able to receive video texts. Is the LG literature lying?
    Any help would be gratefully received.

  113. nicola says:

    i wanted a new fphone for ages n the chocolate phone is the one that i wanted i saved n i bought it in tha end i wish i haddin of it freezes alot and the screen goes blank if nebody knos wat is wrong with it can u please reply? and if nebody has the same problems i would like to kno!! thanx nicola xx

  114. R.I.P prom queen says:

    this is shit how do i put an mp3 as a message tone cos the stock ones are really really really bad i mean really who the hell wants a car horn for a message tone *throws up* so if anyone knows how to change em it would be sick

  115. jess says:

    x_[oh no!! my lg chocolate white has just died! wen txtin i have ahd a few problems with it turnin off for no reason! then today , when i went to check it it had just died! i tried to plug the charger in but that didn’t work! i tried taking the back off and putting it back on, that did not work! im so upset becuase im only 16 so cant afford to buy a new one! also i brought it 2 months ago so i am scared carphone warehouse will not give me a replacement! but i have worshippd the phone and took really good care of it! please someone help me!!!!]_x

  116. Emily says:

    To use the speaker phone:

    Dial and send first.
    Then, a little pic of a speaker pops up on the screne where the camera button is.
    Press the camera button and low and behold….

  117. Emily says:

    This phone sucks. The only reason I got it is because it was a gift from my fiance. It dials from my pocket and the touch sensative screen is always beeping from my purse or in my ear when I’m making a call. The battery had to be replaced and now I’m getting a new phone entirely because the the screen goes completely blank (white) and I cannot see who is calling or who I’m dialing.


    I cannot believe I’m stuck with this phone for two freakin’ years!

  118. kt says:

    i’ve had this lg chocolate white since last november and i think its Crap the reception is bad . i have to put my sim card in other peoples phones to use my minutes as i can never get a signal. never again will i buy a LG

  119. Beth says:

    oh my god.. after all this time every1 teling me there chocloates have died and iv been like naaa mines fine… 6 months on and this morning wheneva i slide the fone up the screen goes completely white.. and when its not done that the picture has gone all blurry on my front screen! WHY IS THIS FONE SO FAULTY! they shudnt be aloud 2 make them if clearly every1 has the same problems of the screen going white?! can some one please tel me what to dooooo! x

  120. Anna says:

    I have had SO many problems with this phone! I got it in Sept. 2006 and it was fine, but it started having glitchy problems. It would start sending text messages before I hit send, or automatically go to my calls list and call the first person there. Then I took it to verizon and apparantly many people had been having these problems and they took it and “fixed it” but i saw no results. Then after a while, my screen started going all crazy. The picture as my background would split in half and move to he left/right, all of the colors on my phone inverted, etc. Then one day the screened just turned white and wouldnt change. Even when I turned it off it stayed white. The only way I could change the screen was to take the battery out. That was about month ago, and ever since then, anytime I try to turn the phone on, the screen is white and it just flashes white. Ive tried even charging it but nothing is happening. I hate this phone, and I recomend for NO ONE else to get it. You will hate it after a few months. Now I have to go get it changed for a different phone. =/

  121. Anna says:

    To reply to Emily’s post on the speaker phone–
    My chocolate did not have a speakerphone when I got it.
    The first phones that went out didnt have the software for the speakerphone.
    Also, these were the phone that had the most troubles with the phone doing things you didnt want it to.

    Whoever else has had the problem with a text being sent before you hit send, or any other send/touch-pad problems it ISNT you, it IS the phone.
    I had the exact same problems and when i went to verizon to fix it, they told me that there had been software updates since then and when they update the software on my phone, it was supposed to fix it, (which it didnt,) and thats when i first got a speakerphone.
    So if you dont have a speakerphone, take it to your cell phone provider, they should be able to put one on.

  122. Anne-Marie says:

    If you want a phone that works for 6 months then stops then you want this phone. The screen goes white and freezes when you slide it open.

    You can only use the touch screen with the slider shut.

    You cant text people and you can’t call people.

    Basically its not a phone at all, just a bit of black plastic with pretty red lights.

    Don’t get this phone. It has caused me no end of problems.

  123. C says:

    KG800 phone is stright garbage after a few months of use the screen gives out and when i slide mine up it turns white like seriouly people dont waste your money on this its got tomany bugs if you want a proper phone get the samsung slide that looks like the chocolate it is way better.

  124. Jen says:

    I’ve had this phone for a little over 4 months. i’ve had a few problems..one being the “automatically calling the first person on the contact list” and also i currently have a problem: I can’t hear anyone on the other line, while they can hear me clearly. I’m getting it returned ! Does anyone else have this problem?

  125. sheo says:

    am having the EXACT same problems as Anne-Marie & C – had my phone 6 months now & recently started playing up but cannot get the damn thing to turn on now … its a shame cuz i LOVE the phone, got the pink chocolate & its gorgeous but just recently has been bugging me!!

    as long aas they fix it free of charge im gona keep it cuz its great!

  126. Anne-Marie says:

    Took the phone back to carphone warehouse who have taken it away for a software upgrade.

    Should have it back in two weeks. We’ll see how it goes after that.

  127. christo bisto says:

    hi everyone!!
    yh errm i saw this phone and fell in love with it…
    but now i have it i REALLY DON’T WANT IT it is more basic than my old basic sony erricson.
    the only goog feature is well nothing a bit of advice dont buy this phone u betta off buyin a sony erricson.

    DO NOT BUY IT!!!

  128. ben says:

    Horrible phone! The touch pad has been playing up since day 1, and the reception that this piece of junk gets is awful.

    I’m getting rid of mine ASAP, I don’t care that I’ll have to pay about £100 for a replacement even though I’m on a contract!

  129. kel... says:

    Hi,have had the lg phone since xmas..and must admit is a very good phone.having lots of problems with it tho..sound is crap to be honest.cant hear alot.and..now wont even switch on..

  130. becky says:

    i’ve had my phone for about 3-4 weeks and its already playing up. The screen goes white when i slide it up and the camera doesnt work all the time. i found when you go onto settings then security then hanset lock then off and type in the code you can use the touch buttons with slide up but as soon as you slide it down it doesnt work again. I don’t want to get rid of it as i like the look of the phone and i think the functions would be good if they actually worked!
    Does anyone have any advice?

  131. Jasmine says:

    Me and my sister are getting one next weekend…I cant wait…I havent had a phone in like 4 months…I really cant wait..Im gitting the strawberry…I cant wait!!!

  132. Lisa says:

    I’ve had this phone since 2/2007 & it’s not as great as it seems. I bought a memory card for it & just a few weeks ago all my songs & pictures disappeared. I have no idea what happened to it. If you press the side button to take a picture, you can’t save the photos.You can barely feel the phone when it’s on vibrate. Sometimes the music icon would appear without pressing anything. I have to charge my phone almost every other day & I don’t even use it as often. The physical appearance is what really got me wanting this phone, it’s nice & all but the quality & functioning of the phone is not worth it. I wouldn’t recommend this phone!

  133. Pete says:

    I bought this phone a month ago, and completely regretted it! Oh dear christ, this phone is “trash” I ended up having to buy another phone this past weekend (Sony Ericsson K510a, this is an AMAZING little phone, I love it!)

    But please for the sake of all that is holy, unless you HAVE cash to litterally THROW in the garbage, do not buy the LG Chocolate, you will hate it, AND you WILL be spending cash to get replace it, it’s just terrible….

  134. Justin says:

    I have not had a good time with this phone. I have only had it for a month and different things happened to it, like i couldn’t swap calls if i had another call coming in i would have to hang up or let it go to voice mail. Then about a week later the side buttons stoped working to turn the ringer up or down. This week the speaker stopped working so i couldn’t hear on any call i would have to turn it on speaker phone to hear anything. Then today it stopped working all togeather when you turn it on the screen is all white and wont let you do any thing. This phone sucks. To all who are buying this phone return it save your money.

  135. Joe says:




  136. laura says:

    ive just brought the phone itz reali gd, aprt frm i try 2 use the usb cable to transfer music frm my laptop 2 my phone itz doesnt work well it showz on my pc dat it has gone on my phone n itz taken them memory of but the music doesnt show on my phone plz cld any1 kp me with this problem x

  137. DorDor says:

    i got the lg phone at christmas and i paid a lot cause it was christmas time and i got the telus music box deal thing with it. i liked it a lot but it now sucks. The volume buttons on the side dont works and the speaker only works every once in a while and the keypad sound doesnt work at all….and as i am writing this right now it just turned itself on and off. I don’t reccomend it att all!

  138. becky says:

    I got this phone for my bday in june. At first i loved it but then it started playing up. So i got it fixed a couple of weeks ago and now its alright. I dont mind the features – its not great but it will do. But i just hope it doesnt start messing up again!

  139. sara says:

    I hate this phone with a passion!!!!! not only does it call the first person on your contacts all the time. It will pick up incoming calls in your pocket , purse or where ever, so you have no idea someone is just sitting there listening to you. Now my sound has totally gone out!!! ive only had it for a month and I have no sound at all!!! all i can do is text! i guess i have to get another crappy replacement of this “craplate”!!!!!! has anyone else had these probs??

  140. magma says:

    chocolate was working fine then the screen went out. Took it in to get warranty exchange and they told me it has been wet. I said it hadn’t but they say they water sensitive discs inside say it has. What a rip off. They voided my warranty. I looked at the discs and it looks like even the sweat off of my hands could get to them.

  141. M says:

    I got this phone 4 months ago. It just recently starting shutting off on it’s own when you try to use the camera/video. Then one morning i woke up and the screen was completely white and would not turn on. I have sent it away through my phone provider to get fixed and am stuck with a crappy loaner phone. I bet MY LIFE it will come back and say it’s my fault. In that case, I will take legal action as 4 months ago i got swindled into a 3 year contract to buy this phone.

  142. Hi Becca

    Go on to camra, not where it says album but the little icon thing on the left click on that, then select across once and it will come up saying “size”

    You have to change the size to 72×72 (A MUST) for a contact photo then take the photo of the person you wish to add to contacts, then go back onto the contact you want and the picture will come up.

    Hope this helps.

  143. M says:

    Go to the pic you want to set with a contact. Click on options, set as contact and choose your contact.


    Go to the contact that you want to set up the picture with, editthe contact, scroll down to the bottom where you see “picture” and go to “list” and pick the picture u want to set.

  144. Hi
    last week i purchased the lg chocolate kg800 i’ve not experienced too many problems with it but i’d like to know if any may be able to give me some really helpful advice i went onto a website last night and downloaded some images to use as wallpapers i saved them to the phone but when i removed the usb cable and went into images folder it pops up as list empty has anyone any idea why this is doing this is it just me being thick?

  145. Meagan says:

    You need to go to the “wireless web” section and download it ONTO your phone now. That should work. It’s how I get my ringtones when I send them from a site.

  146. me again ppl i cant seem to send an email from my phone its very confusing it keeps coming up account settings ?????
    any one have any ideas or advice they can give that may help me resolve this problem?

  147. Colin says:

    Occasional white screen started in March 07 degenerating into permanent problem in May. I bought the phone in Qatar, live in Kenya and woudn’t you know it nobody could be bothered about the fact that it is still under warranty! LG in Kenya say they don’t fix phones in Kenya. Fair enough so I take it to UK in July and do the online repair booking thing and wouldn’t you know it SBE, who provide repair services to LG, say it has physical damage! Oh, and that’ll be £40 to fix it please! From what I see on the web there are hundreds, if not thousands, of us who have been physically abusing our chocolates (sounds like the start of a royal society….RSPCLG800). This phone is a monumental rip off and it’s rubbish as a phone too! Sound is rubbish, camera is rubbish, keypad is rubbish, rubbish, rubbish, rubbish!

    Moral of the story is don’t buy from duty free in far away lands and DONT BUY LG!

    If you do get the white screen contact Watchdog because it ain’t your fault and believe me LG will try to convince you otherwise.

  148. john says:

    I bought this phone 3 months ago and at first i liked it. But i tried to use the camera one day and the thing kept restarting like it had a reset button on it. Finally i took the battery out thinking that i may help reboot the phone. I was wrong big time. The screen went Completely white. Just like the dozens of others i have read on this page. I think they were made cheaply and with inferior parts.

    I called Verison to see if they would fix the phone but they wanted to charge me for any repairs. (WHY SO I PAY FOR INSURANCE IF THEY WANT ME TO PAY TO FIX THERE DEFECTIVE PHONE?) I would not wish this phone on anyone, except my worst enemy.
    Finally i had to call LG, they told me to send it in, and they would look at it and fix it, UNLESS THERE WAS WATER DAMAGE OR CORROSION DAMAGE. If you get stuck with this problem, i would recommend that you contact a watchdog company and report it to them.
    I dont think LG is going to fix it. The reps were rude and did not want to admit that they have defective phones. I told them “I would take a picture of this defective phone and send it to them but the camera is broke on their defective phone” They did not laugh or find that as funny as myself.

    Heres hoping you don’t have the same problem i have had.

  149. Megz says:

    I was given this piece of junk for Xmas from the Carphone warehouse; it’s been back 3 times due to a blank screen. After the third time (no loan phone or £10.00 voucher as promised) they gave me a new phone which guess what has a blank screen again. I went back to the Carphone warehouse and they are just not interested as its “pay as you go”. I wish it were bought in Tesco or Argos where you get some customer service not the lies and rubbish from those idiots. Is there anything that can be done??

  150. Brandy says:

    I loved the phone at first but now after having it for 6 months The touch keys are always having problems which with out thoughs the phone is useless. and whenever I slide it open to make a call it automatically redial the last call I made or received. It seems to freeze up alot. sometime I go into menu and it just freaks out and the cursor just scanning everyhting over and over you can’t stop it with out sliding it closed. I would not recommend this phone if you rely on your phone for you business or life.

  151. ben says:

    hi every body could someone please tell me how to move the pictures from others to images some work i just go set as wallpaper and it adds it automaticly but some dont how do i move them

  152. brad says:

    the lg chocolate is a piece of crap. our company bought 7 of them and everyone hates them. 2 of them locked up totally (including mine) and when sent for repair, we were told they had water damage. BS! I took it to the tac mobility tech and he said there was nothing they could do, water damage, no warranty. That phone was never near water. As far as i am concerned, telus and tac mobility are criminals. When our term is up, they are history. Don’t buy one!

  153. Tsuki says:

    LG KG800 is the worst phone I have ever purchased!
    Okay, honest… great looking phone. But looks doesn’t match up to the problems this phone have provided me ever since four months ago.
    Main point of having a phone is to hear the other line. That was never possible. I was silly enough to just use my blue tooth for the first few months. When my blue tooth died, I was trying to hear from the little speaker at the top of the phone. I thought I was listening to the phone backwards. I had to request my friends to yell at me in order to hear! Than I had my daily practice of “pardon me, sorry, please repeat”.
    I thought it was a hardware defect, so I sent it in. Once …. twice and it is still persisting!

    Yeah, looks are seriously nothing.

  154. Angie says:

    Oh my goshhhhhh!!! I bought my lg when it came out in red and know when I put it on the charger, it won’t CHARGE!! I’ve tried everythinh what should I do!!!

    HELP because my parents don’t want me to get a new phone because they think it will distract me at school and boys ect….

  155. shaebutta says:

    i got the chocolate for christmas last year and it hadnt even been 6 months before it started to act up. When i slide my phone up to use it, it will automatically redial the last number! I have to keep hitting “end” to stop it. Once i finally get it to stop, the touchpad freezes up. So i have to close it and start all over again. And just recently when i slide my phone closed it just automatically shuts off. I have to keep turning it back on which is draining my battery. im so glad i did not pay for this phone myself. i would be extra pissed! Yeah it is pretty……..pretty damn crappy! thanks alot lg for sacrificing functionality for looks.

  156. Pete says:

    OH! Even though I have been using another cell phone for months now… because the LG Chocolate is useless, ANOTHER thing I noticed is terrible battery talk time, seriously, after only a 20 minute conversation on the LG Chocolate, the battery is LITERALLY half dead (from fully charged)

    The thing that SHOCKS me is that, number one, does LG hear about how much of a failure this phone is??? And the second thing is… I mean, with today’s technology, HOW or, WHY would a company produce and release such a faulty cell phone???

  157. Sarah says:


    BUT……if u slide it up to many times the screen goes white! whats the point in having a slide up phone if u cant slide it up arghhhhhhh….
    i wouldnt waste money on this phone….piece of shit….

  158. Pete says:

    PLUS, I bet LG will have the BALLS, to release ANOTHER version of the chocolate… AND IDIOTS will buy it.

    Buyer beware, even more so when there is SO MUCH bad reviews about this FIRST Chocolate…

  159. Alright… so I’ve had this phone for a couple days and the first day I tried to install this “Music Transfer” thingy from the bell canada website and I do what it says and when the “Music Backup” comes up it says my phone is not connected, and it is !
    Maybe it’s my computer?
    I have XP. I thought maybe it would work on Genuine XP better?
    Anyone care to help with this issue?


    ps – I did read the manual

  160. sk Brann says:

    I got this phone ten months ago. In the begining it shutted itself down all the time. And no the touch does not work! Is an amazing goodlooking phone, but the quality is just to low. Somebody who knows what i can do to make the touch worke again?

  161. Lil miss ellen says:

    i havent had my fone long, and i stupidly lost my charger. I didnt manage 2 buy a car charger till like a month l8er.. but wen i charge it nothing happens! i havent touched it in a month, so i dont no y its doin this! please help!

  162. Kurdt says:

    Ok, so ive had this phone for 3 months, and to be honest, quite confusing to use, but its been fine up till now. Handbook says “mp3 can be set as ringtones”-MY ASS! ive tried so many ways and so many times to get an mp3 as my ringtone, but it still ownt work?! what the hell has lg done?!! if anyone knows how to overcome this problem, please email me cause im open for any suggestions. email is: little_druggie_boy@hotmail.co.uk.
    please help!!

  163. White Choc Owner says:

    hay to your message “bumbleboo” there is a weird beeping sound every now and then when your on a call because you have your phone set to minute reminder so it beeps every minute that your on the phone, you can just deactivate this in your call settings, then your weird beeping will be gone. lol

  164. PhoneMaster says:

    I got this phone and already in two months i’ve had to bring it in twice. Although it was a nice look, the screen will bust out every few weeks.

  165. Jamaurtris says:

    It’s a piece of shit.

    The Bluetooth OBEX works…intermittently. I can transfer a file or two to my PC, though the same PC has _never_ had any trouble communicating with other Bluetooth devices.

  166. Ashley says:

    This phone is a piece of crap. I have not even had mine for a year and I will be going in for my fourth one tomorrow. The first one just quite. The second one the touch screen stopped working. And the third one the slider broke after a month. Will never buy another LG.

  167. rose says:

    had my phone since june now and had a few problems recently. The screen turns a blank white when you try to slide it up and sometimes turns on but the screen goes all multi coloured and hards to read

  168. ???? says:

    One year ago, I got this phone. In the beginning, it shutted itself down all the time. Then the tuch screen got broken, but it workes now.

    But now, my camera doesn’t work. Why? Do somebody know what I can do? And some weird and funny colours turnes up. What the heck is this?


  169. Duncan says:

    Its Junk. It freezes, calls random people, bizarre scrolling in menus, has a mind of its own when left alone. I think it has something to do with the poorly designed touch sensitive buttons. And no, these buttons are not “accidentally” being touched while I operate the phone.

  170. fiona says:

    Does any1 no how 2 receive video msgs?
    i ju get a blank white screen sound but no video??
    i got my fone last year and i hate it wen ppl fone me i can never hear them unless i turn it off n on!!
    grrr can send videos either!!!

    but receiving videos can an lg do that or will it blow up 2 muh work 4 it??

  171. Carly says:

    An answer for ‘Kurdt’ question: You have to go to ur contact book and set ur ringtone to each group like friends family etc, go to options, set group ringtone and choose the ringtone you want.

    If anyone is havin problems with transferin music and pictures etc with the disk u have to install onto your computer then dont worry! You dont even need the disk, just plug your phone into the USB, go to my computer >> removable disk f ?> my media >? then choose music, or photos and drag and drop 🙂

    Hope this helps!

  172. Heather says:

    This Phone Is A True Jem. I Would Reccomend It For Anybody Who Is Looking For A Fun, Sleek, Handy And Very Stylish Phone. It Has Alot Of Great Features, Which All Work Incredibly Well. It Also Comes In A Handy Carrier For It, And Also Includes A Lead For You To Connect To Your Computer, Which Some Phones Now Have. The Best Feature Is Probably The mp3 Player. High Quality Music At Any Volume.
    Amazing Quality.
    The Touch Screen Is Extremely Sensetive, Which Can Be A Pro And A Con, But I Would Say That Overall This Is An Incredible Phone Which Should Be Taken In As An Idea Of Phones For Any Buyers. The Cheapest Network To Buy From Is : Orange.
    Hope Its Been Helpful.

  173. hunniie says:

    @ BEZ:
    atleast ur comps read ur usb =( .. mine duznt even do dat .. i dunno wat to do .. dunno if my phonez messed eventhough i juss got it like 3 dayz ago .. or its my comp datz creaatin probz =S help meee lollll

  174. Hannah says:

    i have a problem
    i got this fone for th mp3
    and it wont show the songs on my fone it starts syncronising them and even says on my fone “transfering” but when i go on my fone to look for the songs there not ther!!
    i look in mp3 and my stuff – music
    and mystuff- others

    does anyone no y this is happenin plz help :S
    x x x

  175. Hannah says:

    I Got This Phone For An Early Christmas Present But Am Disappointed . Its Hard To Send Text’s As It Misses Letters . So Im Bck To Using My Nokia 7373 .

  176. mad says:

    it is a great looking phone, but if you want a phone that is functional and will actually last, definitely get a nokia. My LG chocolate has been ok, but there have been a number of problems like words not saving to the dictionary which is really frustrating!

  177. anon says:

    My lg chocolate phone has been fine. Nothing is wrong with mine. Well the no mp3 ringtone thing is a bit of a let down but other than that it’s fine.
    I dunno whats happenin to all ur phones

  178. Danddi says:

    I’ve had an LG chocolate in black for nearly a yr now and so fed up with it. I’m with Orange and have returned the phone at least 4x. It used to just turn itself off when I slide it up – for no reason!
    Now I have to keep taking my sim card out and using my Nokia because of such bad reception. It’s definitely the phone since I’ve never had a problem before with other phones and when I swap from LG chocolate to my Nokia the reception is clear in the same areas.
    Now everytime I change back to LG I get 2 weird blank txt msgs and the sign telling me I have a voice msg – even tho there isn’t one. I can’t get rid of that sign or constant beeping until someone does leave me a voice msg.
    The LG chocolate is a great phone to look at but as a phone to use I don’t rate it. I can’t wait to change it!

  179. britt says:

    This phone is gayy. why does it work but the screen is all white? like i cannot see anything on my phone but a white screen. i can accept calls and call out but i cant see anything….

  180. AmandaHeritage says:

    This phone is terrible. We have had nothing but trouble. We bought one in May 2007 and have had it replaced with a refurbished one 4 times because of problems. They don’t replace them with new ones. 4 more months and our 1 year warranty will be up. If we have problems after that, we have to buy a new phone out of our own pockets. What are the chances? They may have sold alot but only because they look nice and are cheaper with a phone plan. Check the internet. Apparently, there are many others who have the same complaints. I hope you post this review for the good of the consumer not for the good of the store owners pockets.

  181. Laura babe x says:

    Hai x it is my birthday soon and i am getting a LG Chocolate… I read all the reviews and the bad things they say are:

    marks easily
    screen breaks
    MP3 isnt v gud
    and it doesnt save words on txts or game levels

    So should i ask for a different phone?

    Plz reply: saying to laura babesx and ur responce

  182. Georgina says:

    I need to ask the same question, how do you put up pictures for contacts. i went on the site below but haven’t been able to work it out. anyone got any other ideas??

  183. bs says:

    mine works great, no problems after having it for months. It is even pretty hardy as a friend dropped it, twice too, straight onto ice. not a scratch. what about cases. i was wondering because i dont wanna scratch it. are there any the work with this specific phone and the slider?

  184. nuklhed says:

    Phone is junk! I’ve had mine for a year and a half. Already had it replaced once for random calls, the phone would go through my contacts and dail whom ever, after sliding it open. Now my second one (5 months old) is starting the same crap. The screen easily scratches, I feel from wxperience my phone screen fogged faster in a case than does just bouncing in my pocket. Pretty phone, lots of bells and whistles, but if you use your phone a lot I don’t recommend.

  185. emily says:

    i got on 4 months ago, now it is so badly stuffed i cant send or recieve messages, the screen stays white and when i open the screen the touch pad is still locked.. i dont know what is wrong with it, hasnt been near water and i havent dropped it. the camera doesnt work, it just freezes and same with the video, and i cant turn it off by the button, have to take out the battery, also the clock freezes regulary. also the screen goes to a negative display, which travels through the whole phones imagery. pretty abd buy for 300 $ but other than that it had served me well.

  186. Isabella says:

    This phone works fine for me – just disappointed that the loudspeaker cannot be used during calls. I have just found out something which may be of interest: IF YOU PLUG THE USB CABLE INTO YOUR COMPUTER BEFORE TURNING ON YOUR PHONE, THEN TURN PHONE ON, IT WILL CHARGE UP AND AT THE SAME TIME YOU CAN MAKE AND RECEIVE CALLS, as the computer does not recognise it.

  187. =O okay i was playing a game last night, and it froze, this was the third time it had happened so i just shut it and left it, then when i went to use it again it was off, i tried putting it on charge but even the light on the sensory buttons didnt come on, not to mention it had full battery. What can i do to get it back on? Please help, im 15 so cant get a new phone, i just need to fiz this one, how can i? I rang the shop that my aunty got it from for xmas but they said they can’t swop it for another one, and i’d have to go in with the receipt and evrything for them to look at it and possibly send it off for repair depending on what they find when im there. But it was bought a week before xmas so she doesn’t have the receipt. Any suggestions as to what i can do to get my phone back on?

    By the way anyone thinking of buying this phone DONT clearly not orth the hastle im going through.

    Thanx in advance for any replies.

  188. o my god i had my phone for about a month and a half and it wont vibrate no more. . . i am very upset also it turns off out of no were! i heard that you kan put your songs for a ring tone but i wasnt lucky. also y dont it come with games? to those who are going to buy a chocolate its cool but it isnt worth 300. also if you are haveing the some problem please email me.

  189. Amber says:

    I got this phone but nearly every time i wunt 2 go to camera , video camera, video album, photo album the phone restarts! any1 got any ideas wuts wrong with it …

  190. Betty says:

    Replying to everyone & just giving some info:

    I don’t understand why everyone has problems with the phone NOT charging when they have it on. It charges perfectly fine when its on, and when I’m on the phone.


    There is only BLACK, and white.


    There are alot of extra ones that come in the installation cd, be sure to look through it.

    PS. You gotta install some software too it comes with the cd. There are also nearly 100+ free ringtones on the installation cd. it is Music Transfer & music bank or backup

    Note: yes there is a video camera on the phone.

    As for me I’ve had my phone for about 5 and a half months now, and so far no problems at all. I’ve dropped it about 3 times onto the floor, but now I use a crystal protective case. 😀 helps alot. Seriously if you are gettin a chocolate and you dont want it to DIE, USE A PROTECTIVE CASE! all phones will die if you drop it. that is a fact of life.

    get a protective clear crystal case! that way when it falls onto the ground theres a little stub in the back of the crystal casing, so it takes away the force that would usually kill your phone.

    TO laura babesx:
    And I also use a screen protector, the thin film you can get at t-mobile or any other store. That helps it from scratching the screen & keeps oils off. Almost ALL phones will scratch, this is why they have screen protectors and cases.

    And to the people who think just because they destroyed the facing of the phone or scratched the screen horribly or cracked the facing of the phone (depends tho if ur phone freezes do not replace the face just send it in for repair.) that they need a BRAND NEW PHONE.

    BS! What you do is go and buy a full house casing aka, faceplate (search full house plating LG KG800 on ebay.com) and just REPLACE the face. The kit should include instructions and tools.

    Most people dont know this at all. So dont be stupid and go buy another 200$ phone.

    And another thing, the reason why some chocolates FREEZE and stop working, is because some people are too harsh on the touch screen, it is basically heat activated by your finger, my friend had one and people at work would be stupid and press way too hard saying “your phone doesnt work!!” that messes up the heat sensor pad that is inside the phone.

    So this phone is not for people with stubby fingers, because you will end up touching more than one arrow point on the phone and then get mad.

    Karo: For me I could put my mp3 songs as a ringtone, and also my mp4 files.

    I hear my phone and my friends heart my phone. I love the name and the sleek design 😀

    This was rated as most popular when it came out in korea, almost 55% of korean celebrities had this phone.

    I’m thinking of getting another faceplate, a pink one and just change the color of my phone 😀

  191. Sophie says:

    This phone is utterly awesome but after haveing the phone for about 9-10 months the battery went weird and it started to freeze and wouldnt work so i had to buy a new battery. Also it scratches too easily leave you with a screen that is hard to read, the mms ( multimedia messages) dont work well atall.
    Other thasn that it is a perfect phone…;]

  192. Clairy says:

    I’ve had my lg choclate lilac since January, and i can’t say i’m a fan of it either. It has a tendency of switching itself off, that seems to be getting worse just lately, but it started in January playing up, and took it back to CPW but there was nothing they would do as it was 1 day after the 28 days return! It also has very little memory, and no means of a memory card. I only have 2 songs stored on to it. I find the computer software very difficult and haven’t managed to use it. I still have it till this day but will be purchasing a new phone soon, and this time i am steering clear of Lg as my sister has had trouble with hers also.

  193. Loz says:

    Ive had my Lg chocolate, Well it must be coming up to about 6 months now and already it has stopped working. It is terrible. It still works but not as it is suppose to and when i bought it i thought it looked really cool and good so i thought i would buy it and now i have it, well i don’t think i’ll ever buy a lg phone again thats for sure, espically if they ahve the same sort of reputation as the lg. Me and my friends all got the phone at the same time, well practically, and we all now have problems with it. Mine the screen goes in to 3 sections. One section chages between pixles, plain white and the time in big bold letters. The other two sections are the same as each other apart from one of the texts is so small its unreadable. It also is very slow and the screen randomly goes white and sometimes it turns it sef off. One of my friends who has the phone has similar problems to me although her camera is blank and it says its unavailable and her messaging is also unavailable. My Mum also thought she would buy the phone, i think it was around christmas just gone in lilac and she already is having problems with it. She cant call, text and the touch pad doesnt work. Where as my touchpad is so sensative the buttons i press arent the ones the phone thinks ive pressed.

  194. Kara says:

    Have the LG chocolate since September and has been acting weird recently. Today it has totally stoppd working and the screen is just a fuzzy mess of dots, what wrong and what can i do??

  195. Mikey says:

    Get a new Cellphone I’m Thinking. My friends cell did that and it means it dropped and the screen was damged or It just heated up and made something zap.

  196. Chelsea says:

    Do not get this phone!!! A couple monthes ago i was DYING to get this phone, it was so cute and i loved the colors it came in. BUT! Around 3 months the touch pad will stop working if the phone is to warm, becuase it go’s off heat when you touch. SO if the phone is to warm, your screwed. One time i had to call 911 and my phone wasnt working!!! And theres charging problems. My friend had the same problem, itll not charge all the time then sooner or later the actually charger thing came out of the phone. The thing you plug into the phone? It ripped out when i pulled the charger out. It is a very bad phone. DO NOT GET IT!!

  197. star says:

    this phone is crap! I have had THREE since two years ago due to having to get it replaced twice using my insurance. hank goodness i bought insurance! Touch screen goes haywire, I have had the video screen go black and was told it was unrepairable so i lost all pics and videos. I have never been able to use the MP3 features, they have never worked with my PC which is a standard HP running windows. Definitely not worth it’s “cute” appearance.

  198. Mitchell says:

    So i have had this phone for about a year and a bit now. I highly suggest that you DO NOT buy this phone. If you have cold hands for one…your screwed. and after about 3 months the battery pack will fallout and you will have to get tape or a sticker to hold the battery in place. and now my phone won’t charge at all. the charge port messes up. this has happened to a few of my friends as well. Sorry for ruining all your dreams. but don’t buy it.

  199. Lucy Zed says:

    I’ve had this phone since Christmas 2009 and, yeah it’s not great, but it has lasted Ok if you ignore a few scratches here and there. I didn’t know how to put pictures in my contacts, however, untill TODAY!! So Bez, you’re a star, thank you 🙂

  200. lolson says:

    This phone sucks. I got a brand new one, it worked fine for a couple of days, now, the problems are as follows:
    1. No VM if someone calls and the phone is off, it just hangs up on them, and NEVER shows me that I missed a call.
    2. The camera will only SOMETIMES save the pictures just took and pressed ‘save’.
    3. If I let it slide closed without being in control of the slide the whole way it shuts itself off. Same for sliding it open – I can’t let it spring to the end of the slide.
    4. When I turn it on, half of the time the screen goes blank white and I have to pop the battery to fix it, the other half of the time I have to sit through a half hour or so of a screen that says ‘loading applications’ or ‘registering applications’.
    PLUS – this is my SECOND replacement of the SAME PHONE.
    It is a sexy sexy phone with many, many issues. I’m going back to Verizon to get another model – maybe I’m just cursed with the Chocolate. *cries*

  201. holly says:

    i’ve had it for just over a year now and i’ve had countless problems with it! all my friends who had it have got a new phone long ago because of the problems:
    a couple of days ago TWO of my buttons fell off the phone completely!
    it wont let me connect it to the computer properly to upload music and other files
    sometimes if i rename photos, then the photo next to it in the album disappears
    screen freezes on certain pages and turns off randomly. then when i turn it back on my background is set back to default and it says ’emergency only’.
    when i go to look at the groups that my contacts are in they’re all muddled up, e.g. one of my girl friends was in the ‘boys’ group!
    and many more problems.
    I DO NOT recommend this phone.
    hopefully for christmas i am getting a new one! :L

  202. TIana says:

    LG chocolate sucks dont ever get this phone ! i just tried charging my phone it wont even turn on and its not just my phone ive heard this happen to other ppl with chocolates. its not the charger cuz i put my charger in my friends lg phone and it works completely fine, there is something wrong with the chocolate, worst mistake getting that phone.

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