Siemens Gigaset SX450 and SX455 Cordless Phones

Yes Siemens have announced their 2 new ISDN cordless phones that look very smart indeed, both of these phones have functions of that similar to the mobile phone such has the way you scroll through the menu like back, delete and continue. The Gigaset SX450 and the SX455 cordless phones have an answering machine which we do know that the SX455 can record up to 35 hours of messages. The phones are of a sleek design and the docking stations have an elegant design to fit with any décor.

The handsets have a good size colour display with a keypad that illuminates, there is a fully integrated speaker phone function plus the phones can be extended up to six handsets. You can even make conference calls. Truly nice phones for any home or office.

SX450 costs 119.95 Euros — SX455 costs 139.95 Euros — extra handsets with charger and cradle costs 79.95 Euros.

We have done this pricing in Euros so every gets an idea.

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