FIFA World cup to stream in European mobile phones

There are more than 210 million people worldwide that will be watching TV on their mobile phones by 2011 so surely phone operators have to do something about this to take the work load and that is exactly what they are doing, the phone operators all across the world are planning to use the World Cup in watching on mobile phones.

The Asia Pacific region are leading the way first with 95,1 million subscribers then it is closely followed by Europe with 68.7 million, Live TV broadcasts to mobile phones has only just started in Europe, Germany and Italy.

You can see also clips of matches and mobisodes of shows like Coronation Street and 24 which are being prepared now. So watch this space because watching TV on your mobile phone is yet another innovation and we can’t get enough of FIFA World Cup.

You can buy World Cup products here –
eBay UK
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One thought on “FIFA World cup to stream in European mobile phones”

  1. I think that this is a great idea, as it is sometimes hard to get to see all the world cup matches, but with this you wont miss a thing!
    I think the next step is the stream football over the internet, this has already been done illegally but I would pay to watch sports matches online, and this would be better as you would get a higher quality, larger, picture on a pc screen as opposed to a moblie phone.

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