Citizen VIRT Bluetooth Wristwatch That Talks to your Mobile Phone

Now this is an idea we all love, gadgets and technology are the 2 words that come to mind, this is a Bluetooth watch that will be available soon and will be called the Citizen VIRT. The Bluetooth watch (W700) synchronizes with your mobile phone and displays incoming calls plus vibrates and lights up when a call comes in.

There is a small display that displays the name of the caller if you have them in your contacts list, a very cool feature is that if you leave your phone behind or forget to take it with you the Bluetooth watch will notify you.

Some people might say this will be a bit bulky but hey things always gets smaller in time, the size of the Citizen VIRT Bluetooth watch is 40 x 42.4 x 14.6mm and weighs 55 grams and the life of the battery lasts about 5 days.

It will be available in black and or silver and will hopefully be available for July 7th

You can buy Bluetooth accessories here
eBay UK
eBay USA

Would you wear this new watch and do you think it’s a cool idea? leave comments below.

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