ShotCodes the New Future

We have to tell you about ShotCode because we just love it, this is a new amazing idea that actually works very well and it is the best thing we have come across in a while. If it has been out for a while then shoot me down because I am stupid and did not get onto to this right away but hey I am here now and what a service.

Shotcode is a very high-tech system that allows you to take a picture of a ShotCode circular sequence of black and white blocks that actually represent a URL, how this works is that you will see the ShotCode symbol on an advertisement or on a product all you need to do is take a picture of it using your camera on your phone and then you get information sent back to your phone.

This is the way to get started go here to ShotCodes then download their special ShotCode that suits your phone. They support many mobile phones.

If you want more information then visit ShotCodes or if you want to get straight to it then download ShotCodes software here to suit your phone model.

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