MP3 Looking Neo 808i Phone

The Neo 808i which was featured on The Gadget Show on Channel 5 in the UK is a thumbs up for Phones Review and of which will be released here May 2007, the Neo 808i is a very small phone at only 65x40x13mm and must say one of the smallest phones to date yet as far as I know.

Neo 808i

It weighs less than 90 grams but even thou this phone is small and light it is packed with an MP3 and MP4 player plus has a 1.3 megapixel camera and WAP capability. Bluetooth is featured as well plus has a memory card slot for up to 2GB of storage space but the phone does have 128MB of internal storage.

It runs on Tri-Band GSM / GPRS 900/1800/1900 networks plus has EDGE as well, the MP3 looking Neo 808i phone also has a FM radio and USB, talk time is up to 100 minutes with the standby time being 130 hours.


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  1. alibaba says:

    Wow! that is some cool phone!!!! how can one little thing have so many gadgets?!? i really want one. is there a website i could go to for more info?

  2. Julie says:

    we have one its great, tiny but great, it comes with a sock to keep it in, it is available in pink or black and red. my 14 year old daughter loves her new phone, We bought it in Dubai, but haven’t seen it anywhere in the UK so my son will have to wiat til our next visit in December!!!

  3. chris says:

    this phone is r888 gud!!! i was da 1st person to have this phone in the uk as i received it from the owner of the company. i would reccomend it to anyone!!

  4. INFO: This is an excellent mobile phone!!

    We have the Neo 808i phone in Black or Pink available for sale direct from our site. It has a 1 year warranty and they are Genuine SIM Free, whi means it will work with any SIM card.

    In Touch Telecoms Ltd

  5. Neo Fan says:

    You can get them on the Neo website http://www.stuffbyneo.com or you will find people that are off-loading these pretty much useless phones on ebay.

    I would dump mine on ebay, the thing will not even pair with any of the 5 BlueTooth devices I own including the BlueTooth car phone (an installed phone kit, not one of these speakerphone adapters that stick on the dash) … but I put it down on a table with my keys (its on the keyring) … and it caught one of the keys … which cracked the screen rather too easily.

    So much for the phone being robust!

    Honestly, think seriously before buying one……

  6. Penny says:

    I bought back a couple of these phones from Dubai. They were so small and stylish that I couldnt resist. I have the neo 808i phone in black and pink to sell. Whenever I have mine out it sure gets peoples asking ‘ is that really a phone?’
    Its very small and im sure its a phone the kids would love. Easy to use and fashionable!

  7. Sukriti says:

    Neo 808i is a cute little phone and i fell in love with it as soon as i bought it! its beautiful n fulfills all d requirements: music (pretty good mono speaker), camera (1.3 megapixel sharp image, no flash), video player, video recorder, storage. Plus, this phone guarantees u attention! i flaunt it! n random ppl on d street stop me to talk abt this pretty lil thing! its amazin. good things do come in small packages. ofcourse d buttons r rather small but i think its best deviced for girls. n those familiar with sony ericsson cybershot touchpads won’t find Neo 808i’s keypad much trouble.
    Absolutely adorable!

  8. Sammy says:

    Iv got the pink neo 808i. I got it off the internet august 2008 for my 18th birthday.. Its a great phone, very stylish most people dont believe its a phone they think its a mp3 player! Its the best phone iv ever had! I am going to look into selling it at somepoint as i change my phones all the time.. If any one is interested in buying this from me just e-mail me at xxxsammyxxxjoxxx@aol.com

    this phone is perfect less that 1 year old.. fully working order never had any problems. Able to use any sim card you want!!

  9. mandeep says:


    I want 808i Neo immediately. where can i get it in chennai. Please tell me the shop. I have also called up the dealer bt he is phn is found to b swiched off….. tell me whom should i comntact to get this phone….

  10. mandeep says:


    I want 808i Neo immediately. where can i get it in bangalore. Please tell me the shop. I have also called up the dealer bt he is phn is found to b swiched off….. tell me whom should i contact to get this phone….

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