Sexy or Not The Motorola V3xx Gold

The Motorola V3xx Gold is nothing to get excited about unless you like the colour gold really, have to admit it is a nice looking phone or should I say it is a nice looking colour. The specifications are a little 1.3 megapixel camera with a microSD slot for more memory.

Motorola V3xx Gold

You also get with the V3xx gold a superb HSDPA radio, all in all you get the normal bits and bobs so what your really getting is a new colour and the only downside to this is that the Motorola V3xx Gold is only available as far as we can see with AT&T so the question is will the UK be getting one?. We will keep you updated or you can keep us updated if you know before us.

“Sexy or Not The Motorola V3xx Gold? You let us know.



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