See Through Viewfinder the best in the World in Future Concept Phones

Concept mobile phone of the future that makes the rest look like a pile of (now I will be nice) Rubbish, an industrial design graduate of NC State University Pei-Hua Huang came up with this latest design and what a design it is. This concept mobile phone is all about “What You See Is What You Get”

Seethrough Viewfinder Mobile Phone

The reason they say this is because the mobile phone camera viewfinder is see through and when you look through it what you see is what you take a picture off, now this is technology, only problem is someone needs to make it reality. The possibilities in mobile phone technology are breath taking so surely someone out there knows how to make this concept a mobile phone of today. All credit goes out to the designer of this baby and please and we say please LOUDLY, bring this phone to the market it is stunning.

Cool Concept Mobile Phone

Is this the best concept phone in the world?

Via — Engadget Mobile

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