Gang violently mugged two Teens of cash and mobile phones

A gang of youths violently mugged 2 teenagers in Bromsgrove on Monday the 9th of April in where they had cash and their mobile phones stolen, the two 18 year olds were attacked on Stoke Road, at 9pm on a recreation ground.

The assault that happened left them with cuts and bruises after one was kicked and the other was punched in the face, their mobile phones were stolen and one wallet that had £10 cash and a £25 book voucher. The main attackers are described to be white and gaunt looking, and had slicked down hair, one was a little taller and wearing a tracksuit top which white, the other attacker was a little shorter and wearing a white coat.

If you have any information on this violent assault you should contact DC Dave Clews on 08457 444888 or please call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

These violent attacks where mobile phones are being stolen needs to stop, to be a little more safe against mobile phone thefts, you should not use your mobile phone where there are groups of people like gangs. Please be safe.

If you have been a victim of an assault please do contact us of what happened?


One thought on “Gang violently mugged two Teens of cash and mobile phones”

  1. Yeah good advice – but with ever more expensive fancy mobiles hitting the markets I don’t see it ending soon.

    The solution has to come from technology – and considering these things are mobile – and do give off a signal, and are worth alot of money – why don’t the police track it down?

    If you were up for murder – they would triangulate your position and come and arrest you!

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