Samsung SPH-P9000 Mobile Device Out now in Korea Sorry UK you will have to wait

The new Samsung SPH-P9000 that was unveiled at the end of 2006 has finally been shipped to Korea, so we guess that means the rest of the world will have to wait, and as usual us here in the UK normally a lot later. The new

This particular mobile phone device uses the WiBro which in simple terms is Mobile WiMAX which to make it sound even more better is a long range Wi-Fi with 20-30Mbit speed, it runs on XP Home Edition. The SPH-P9000 from Samsung has an 800 x 480 pixel 5 inch display, yes 5 whole inches and a 16 MB ATi M6 video card. It also has a 256MB RAM plus 30GB hard disk. The weight considering what is packed inside is a reasonable 590 grams.
Samsung SPH-P9000 Mobile Device
Oh just to let you know Korea also have the Samsung’s brand new SPH-M8100 WiBro phone, why oh why do we have to wait for such mobile phone devices. Bring them to us we need them.



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  1. This looks like the future being mini-computers in our pockets and not just phones. Nokia’s N95 is leading the way at moment in compact but powerful mobiles. This looks to take things even further.

    The keyboard looks very good improvement in usability.

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