Phones Review Readers Motorola Z6 and Z8 Comments Showcase

We here at Phones Review now and again feature our reader’s comments and the one we have for you here are comments from to of our readers who we would like to say thanks to, they are (MrH and Someonewhoknows).

We done a review on the Motorola Z6 and Z8 which you can see here and we got a number of comments back, but the ones that stuck out was from these 2 readers who commented. The comments go as follows —

MrH —
What is the point of the camera on the front side of the slide, how are you going to see what you’re taking a pic of?! I already purchased a RIZR Z3 and the only difference I can tell between the Z6 and Z3 is the WMA play back, but who cares, I already have an MP3 player. I think the Z8 is like a Prototype show car, it’s just to get the buzz going about the brand, but will never make it into production.

And “Someonewhoknows” Reply —
The Z8 will debut and is not a “show car”. The Z6 is much improved in design, materials used, and functionality with a linux based operating system. I have used both the Z3 and Z6 and I think the Z6 blows away the Z3. I am anticipating a similar response with the Z8 compared to the Z6.

If you have any thing to add to this please do below in our/your comments section. Once again thankyou so much for your comments MrH and Someonewhoknows.

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