Samsung D807X Mobile Phone as Requested

As requested in the Phones Review searches here is a little run down of the Samsung D807X, the Samsung D807X has an estimated talk time of up to 3 hours and standby time of up to 11 days plus only weigh 90 grams with a size of only 9.9 x 5.2 x 1.5 cm. These Samsung mobile phones have a 1.3 MP camera, MP3 player, internal memory of 17MB but do have a MiroSD card slot for extra external memory.

Samsung D807X Mobile Phone

Mobile internet browser which is good if you’re on the move plus, SMS, e-mail and voice. Address book with up to 1000 names, Internet dedicated button, Built-in calendar, converter (currency, length, weight, volume, area, temperature), Handsfree speakerphone, stopwatch, tasks, To-do list and Calculator plus others like timer, notes, Alarm clock, World time, Picture Caller ID, Vibrator alert, Voice Recorder and Voice dialing.

Other Features of the Samsung D807X —
– Bluetooth
– Video Messaging
– Video playback speed: 7 fps (frames per second)
– Video playback software: proprietary
– Downloadable ring tunes and real tunes
– Embedded and downloadable graphics
– Games on the phone: Midnight Bowling, Midnight Poker, Midnight Pool
– Downloadable games

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9 thoughts on “Samsung D807X Mobile Phone as Requested”

  1. Jay Norris says:

    b you can only put in a couple or few songs before it’s full, but I got a 1gb microSD for dirt cheap and that holds plenty for phone use.

    One of the best things about this phone is that you can hook it up to your computer with USB and add almost anything.

    Custom backgrounds are great as you can load anything you want without paying high download fees.

    Sadly the ringtones are limited to 30sec max file length. To reiterate, if you’ve got a great mp3, you must shorten it to 30sec before you can use it for a ringtone. This limit does not apply for mp3s strictly for playback’s sake.

    Sound quality is superb

    The camera works great and produces good high-res pictures. The video is rather small and chunky however.

    Text input with t9 support is almost a must for speed texting. Works well, but sometimes, you’ll have to switch it off to input a custom word, then back on again. Fortunately this is quick and easy to do.

    I cracked my screen recently and all I can see is the hairline fractures. The screen only appears to bleed when pressed on the crack, but clears up instantly and has no ill effects. The colour and clarity is not affected at all. Talk about durable!

  2. Breann says:

    I wanted to buy this phone at rogers wireless….. but it says on the roger wireless home page and it said that it is on for $49.99 so i went to rogers and i was going to buy it but the cashier said it was $119 so i dont get it! so does anyone know why?

  3. Jay Norris says:

    Online and instore offers do not always match. That’s especially true when it comes to third party resellers.
    In your case, you checked the “Rogers” website and the “Rogers” store, so you’d expect them to be the same right? Unfortunately, this is not so. I’ve worked at Rogers Video before and cell hone offers are exclusive to each type of location. A Rogers Video store may have a different offer that a Rogers Plus would.

    You can try printing out the online deal and presenting it instore. They may be able to offer you that deal through the employee access only 1800 service. Good luck.


  4. Christina says:

    I also experienced the same problem as the website said one price, and the store said another. But I called rogers and they were able to make me a deal. I got the phone as listed on the website BUT they had to charge me a registration fee. It still came out a lot less that it was buying from the store.

    Christina =)

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