Panasonic 7180 ES Bone Conduction Technology Answer Phone

The Panasonic 7180 ES home cordless phone has the cool bone conduction earpiece that uses vibrations to transmit sound to the cochlea which is very good for those and of course will help those with loss of hearing and this will enable them to hear conversations more clearly. The other good thing about Bone Conduction Technology is that maybe you work in a noisy environment and if this is the case this phone will help you so much to hear what the hell is going on.

You can use the Panasonic 7180 ES Bone Conduction Technology Answer Phone as a normal house phone as well, this phone has a speakerphone and illuminates as well and many other features include —

– Ringer LED
– visual signalling
– Vibrasound bone conduction to cochlea
– Big button design
– Illuminated 16 digit 3 line LCD
– 2.5mm Headset jack
– 10 Number redial
– Illuminated buttons
– Mic mute button
– 15 Ringtone melodies
– Phonebook — 50
– Time, alarm & date
– 20 Minute call recording
– Handset speakerphone
– Dial number announce
– Voice number announce
– Caller id log – 50
– Base ringer
– Call screening

Prices start at £119.90

Source — DECT

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