Human Massager or Mobile Phone massaging you

The thing you have to ask yourself is, would you prefer the opposite sex to massage you or would you prefer a simple mobile phone to do the job? Well there is one good thing a mobile phone will not argue back. Now you are wondering what the feck we are going on about, are you intrigued?

Massgaging Mobile

We are talking about a 2 in 1 gadget that is one being a mobile phone and 2 being a personal massager, this hand crafted solid Zebano fascia mobile phone is a thing of class and yes much different to any other phone, this mobile phone has worldwide coverage and dual massaging heads and get this you can download new massaging sequences.

Massgaging Mobile

This new massage handset is a true luxury phone which is hand built plus this massage handset comes with its very own unique phone number and should only be given to someone special to you, the reason for this you do not want your dad sending you a text massage do you.

You can get this on 2 options — You can get this phone for free on an 18 month contract for £25 a month with 250 free massages per month or you can by on the pay as you go option for £300, massages will cost 50p per massage.

Massgaging Mobile

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