Motorola MOTO RIZR Z8 Breaks World Record by Everest Climber

Now this is ground breaking news for us, we all love to know what capabilities mobile phones have, first of all can you remember our Top 10 Mobile 2007, well the Motorola MOTO RIZR Z8 is not on there (oops) we was stupid and here is why. If you want to know what the best mobile phone in the world is then it looks like it has to be the MOTO RIZR Z8.

A British climber called Rod Baber has set a new world record for the highest ever mobile phone call, Rob Baber climbed to the peak of Mount Everest and made a phone call on the Motorola MOTO RIZR Z8, now you would have thought that he would not get reception up there, but he did. The British Mount Everest climber made 2 world breaking phone calls from the summit yesterday with this new released mobile phone which was provided by sponsor Motorola, the first phone call was to a voice mail account to record this event and the second call was to his wife and kids plus he sent a text message.

These record breaking calls were made from an altitude of 8,848 meters in freezing minus 30 degree temperatures.

So do you agree, is the Motorola MOTO RIZR Z8 the best mobile phone in the world?


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