Top 10 Mobile Phone Concepts: That should be made!

There are concept mobile phones in this world that really need to be made, you have all these top companies showing of their abilities to make some top notch phones only for them to say “sorry it is just a concept, they are too expensive to put into production”. So the question is “Why the heck do they tease us with such beauty and technology only to kick us in the teeth?

Below is Phones Review Top 10 Mobile Phone Concepts –

1. Nokia Aeon

Nokia Aeon

2. Samsung SLIQ

Samsung SLIQ

3. BYB Balance

BYB Balance

4. Viewfinder


5. Synaptics Onyx

Synaptics Onyx

6. Sony Ericsson Slider

Sony Ericsson Slider

7. Sony Ericsson Black Diamond

Sony Ericsson Black Diamond

8. ETNA Phone

ETNA Phone

9. Asus Aura

Asus Aura

10. Google Vision

Google Vision

Please choose out of the top 10 concept phones above and let us know why you like that one?


8 thoughts on “Top 10 Mobile Phone Concepts: That should be made!”

  1. jad wehbe says:

    i like google vision, asus aurora, and nokia aeon… they all look so original but the most that i feel is really new technology and is modest is google vision… the best

  2. gregorey forskiny bellany says:

    i love the google slider because it is made out of metal and platic. Also ilike the nokia 3210 because my dad made it. I also like the penissina because my mum always uses it with my dad. 🙂 😀

  3. touchscreen keypad like the aeon and aura should be available because they already have this technology like iphone and i think this 2 concepts will be manufactured soon. Google is a futuristic concept but it will also be manufactured not soon but in the future.

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