Flipping Cool Mouse VoIP USB Phone

This is a cool mouse that flips into a VoIP phone which is a good gadget to have, we must admit the looks of this mouse phone is not the best in the world but it does work well. This Voip mouse flip phone is a mouse come phone but is majorly designed for those who love sitting down and who will never move from there seat.

The USB Skype VolP mouse phone is easy to use, use the mouse when working on your PC or laptop then when a call comes in say from a Skype friend just flip the mouse to it’s open position and you can talk to them, when the mouse is flipped open it will revel a keypad and a 1.3 inch LCD display. You can buy this little phone for $33.90.

System Requirement –
* Pentium 400 MHz above processor\128Mb RAM\16Mb free hard disk capacity.
* One USB port available.
* Microsoft Windows 98SE\NT\2000\ME\XP
* Internet connection (ADSL, Cable Modem, Dial-up, Wireless LAN) for VoIP phone feature.

Phones Review Say — Ok yes this is a cool little PC phone gadget but and we mean BUT, say a call comes in from Skype you will obviously answer the call but what will happen when your talking to them and at the same time you need to move the mouse to control your cursor on the screen (OOPS).

Source – Pocket-Lint

Product Page – Vavolo


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  1. Sleepless in the mouse hole says:

    Unfortunately, you may need to resort to touchpad use on your laptop during the call unless you can have a secondary usb mouse installed. If you are using a desktop computer, you may be forced to tell your friend “back in my day” we used ps/2 mice on our desktop computers why can’t I find a ps/2 port for my mouse? As Homer Simpson says, “Doh!”

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