Put your small phone away: Get yourself a Dafron brick

This is a new Bluetooth keypad for your mobile phone from Dafron, the concept of use is for you to put your nice small mobile phone into your pocket and use a brick instead. The idea is pretty cool but also pathetic all in the same breath. The Dafron Bluetooth keypad is a simple keypad that is the same as your mobile phone, but instead of using your mobile just use this that hangs around your neck.

This is a total and useless idea, what do you think?

Source- AVING Korea

Dafron Bluetooth Keypad


2 thoughts on “Put your small phone away: Get yourself a Dafron brick”

  1. TNT says:

    Well that seems just like my old Panasonic GD55. This should not be an “aside”. This is what I want of my entire phone, roundness to make the numbers easy to dial, small, hang from my neck. In North America, phones are all the same 🙁

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