Sony Ericsson Seesaw Mobile Phone: Is this the best concept to date?

The Sony Ericsson Seesaw is an awesome looking phone of which we know you will have to agree, if you do not agree then sorry you need your eyes tested. Every time you look at this mobile phone concept it kind of draws you in, on one of these pictures you will notice that it has a bump in the middle of the phone which is a stunning idea that gives it the see saw effect. It has a hidden camera which is unique plus when you lay it on a flat surface and the screen stays angled just enough so legibility isn’t an issue.

Sony Ericsson Seesaw Mobile Phone pic 1

Sony Ericsson Seesaw Mobile Phone pic 2

The only way you can tell this phone has a camera is only because we have told you, the uniquely hidden camera and flash is a brilliant idea, the seesaw phone has an OLED display and features touch screen, there is NO information if this phone will ever go into production but WE here at Phones Review and many of our readers have to say this (are you listening creators). PUT THIS PHONE INTO PRODUCTION IT WILL SELL OF THE CHAIN.

Source — Yanko Design


9 thoughts on “Sony Ericsson Seesaw Mobile Phone: Is this the best concept to date?”

  1. reggie says:

    this phone is good and bad it college kids and business poeple would buy this phone whitch is good because there are a lot of those people out there but what they both have in common is that they both have a lot of thing to to like college kids has to study you got to make sure that back is a black metal or silver dont matter because plastics isnt that strong im sure you know that and then the front screen cant be to thin and the battery life has to be strong til it dies you dont want the thing to lag because thien people get frusterated then press harder but other than that it a good phone look alright and you got a chechy name Seesaw so that a homerun to me…

  2. hayley Martin says:

    this phone is WICKED i absolutely love it.
    They had better put this on the market.
    i think that the sony phones are the best i have had a sony phone for the past 6 years i think they are great and i would certainly buy this one its incredible.
    Sony Ericsson company PLEASE, PLEASE put it on the market

  3. Abhishek sharma says:

    i love u sony .u r so great you also tiger of all branded phones.i like it this phon.when this comming mobile india markat really i take it……loveee

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