Anh Ho Warns Readers: Mobilebee sucks

We wish to say thanks to Anh Ho who is one of our readers here on Phones Review for this complaint comment. Anh Ho recommends you never use Mobilbee.com read the full comment below —

Mobilebee sucks. I recommend everybody never ever purchase anything on their website. I ordered a cell phone more than 3 months ago, but it was out of stock. In their rules, they said that:
1.1 your credit card will not be charged until the day we ship your goods.” but they charged me when I didn’t even see the cell phone.
1.2 If your goods fail to arrive within 28 days of dispatch, you will have the option of either a full refund or a replacement shipment.” now more than 3 months already and no refund at all.
I called them and sent them a lot but email. But the answers I get are “sorry I don’t know” “please accept our apologies for the delay” “I will request our financial department”
So attention everybody, what I recommend is never use this site, also tell your friends.

Thanks again for the comment Anh Ho. If anybody else has had this trouble or any other problems with Mobilbee please do let us know. Thanks

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