iPhone Victim Mugged: Handset Robbery and the phone is not out yet

There has been an iPhone street robbery already and the new phone is NOT out yet, just 2 days before the phone is due for release many people wanting this device will go to any lengths to obtain one even if it means mugging some poor victim. The first incident happened in Japan and what is funny it is not yet reported that Japan will ever get the Apple iPhone and this is down to Japan having NO GSM network there.

The victim is called Taro Tanaka who is 26 was set upon in Kunitachi a western Tokyo suburb late at night, 3 assailants mugged him thinking that his chrome cigarette case was the shiny iPhone, Mr. Tanaka said that if they was that desperate they could have had his iRiver player and after saying this replied “I really want a smoke now”.

How far will these thieves go to obtain an iPhone is beyond us, at the end of the day it is just a phone nothing special.


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