Is the Apple iPhone worth all this Hype: Will you buy one?

We have covered some stories on the new iPhone which is launching in America on the 29th yes 2 days to go, many sites have covered many and we mean many reviews on the iPhone over and over again. We have laid of a little because to much information on one device will bore the pants of you “do you agree? That is the first question. Yes of course we love the iPhone but if you see and hear about it too much it will not be too exciting when you buy one will it, treat it like a top song that has been in the charts for many weeks, the first time you hear it you love it, the second time yes it is still good but after the millionth time you get bored and start to hate it.

Answer these questions because at the end of the day it is you the reader that counts and what you want is what you will get —

1. Is the iPhone starting to bore you?
2. Do you want as much information as possible?
3. Will you be buying one, if yes or no let us know why?

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