Sony Ericsson W910 Walkman Phone: Shake it Baby

The Sony Ericsson W910 Walkman phone is said to have Shake control so we looked into this further and can say it is true, with the shake control which is awesome you can skip music forward one track and if the mobile phone is flicked one way and back again. If the phone is shaken backwards and forwards it shuffles you playlist plus the shake control on the Sony Ericsson W910 makes gaming an experience you do not want to miss trust us we are the phone doctors (shake it baby to control your mobile phone games.

Sony Ericsson W910

The W910 Walkman® phone will feature the latest version of the PlayNow™ mobile download service PlayNow 4.0, this is a cool looking phone and the features and specifications tells you more.

Sony Ericsson W910 Features & Specifications —
– HSDPA / GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 (Network)
– 2.4 Inch TFT Display 256K colors/240 x 320 pixels
– Composer & Download Customization (Ringtones)
– MP3, AAC & 72 Channels Polyphonic (Ringtones)
– Vibration
– GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 – 48 kbps
– Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP
– USB v2.0
– EDGE & 3G HSDPA, 3.6 Mbps (W910i only)
– 40 MB internal memory plus Memory Stick Micro (M2)
– Photo call
– 30 received, 30 missed calls & 30 dialed (Phonebook)
– WAP 2.0/xHTML, HTML(NetFront) & RSS reader
– 2 MP Camera – 1600×1200 pixels video(QVGA@15fps)
– Secondary video call camera

Sony Ericsson W910 Side View

– MMS, SMS, Email & Instant Messaging
– TrackID music recognition
– FM radio with RDS
– Walkman 3.0 player
– Java MIDP 2.0
– Built-in hands free, Organizer, T9, Picture editor, Image viewer & Voice memo
– Up to 400 Hours Standby
– Up to 9 Hours Talk Time
– 99 x 50 x 12.5 mm
– 86 Grams

Sony Ericsson W910 Downsides — NO HSCSD — NO WLAN & NO Infrared port

The Sony Ericsson W910 Walkman® phone will be available in either Hearty Red or Noble Black from Q4 2007. It will ship in the following network versions:

W908c: GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900
W910i: UMTS/HSDPA 2100-GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900


50 thoughts on “Sony Ericsson W910 Walkman Phone: Shake it Baby”

  1. pauliboi says:

    i have had the same phone(sony ericsson w550) for almost 2 years and i still love it and havent wanted a new phone since, then i saw this, i REALLY want this, i have to get it asap, or as soon as its out lol i mean it has so many great features, also it looks fantastic, i need it man!!!

  2. jandeman says:

    i got this phone… quality really, i mean REALLY sucks. if you use is very very carefully you’l be oke 🙂 looks great thow. there’s just 1 design fault in my opinion and thats that there isnt a play/pause buttun wich you can push when the thing is in your pocket, you have to take the it out, very anoying.

  3. clarkie says:

    I brought this but the shake feature doesn’t work. When I play music in the walkman it just doesn’t do anything when you shake it in any direction. Anyhelp there?

  4. jordan says:

    I recieved this phone for my christmas, and has now already broken. Two other friends of mine have the same phone and the same thing has happend, i can no longer get into my messages, drafts. outbox or sent messages. When i try a pop up appears saying “Operation Failed.” Other Than That Its Good

  5. graham says:

    i just bought a w910i and can only store 120 songs on it, even though there is about 300Mb of space left on the 1Gb memory card. how do i get more songs onto the phone.

  6. lisa says:

    This phone is rubbish. Bought one for xmas for daughter. After 1 month it is constantly going off and wont come back on. Have to keep taking battery out and putting it back in. waste of money. friends saying theres is doing the same. Anyone else having this problem.

  7. sally says:

    Bought one for my daughter for xmas and it’s going for repair today, screen goes black and it does little vibrate whenever you use it for more than 2 mins and then its a complete mission to try and turn it back on, she is so disappointed, looks like it’s not just us then, hmmmm anyone had one repaired yet and know what the problem is? many thanks

  8. Ashley says:

    Just bought the phone and NOT impressed. Is there any way to get the time/missed calls/message received to show when the phone is on standby? As this was one of the main things I loved about all my other Sony Ericssons… Now it just looks as though it’s always switched off.

  9. Samantha says:

    I got my W910i just last week ,but reading all your comments are making me scared! i still love my phone,but is it really a good buy or NOT? Please tell me cos i have never used anything but nokia and I thought its time to try sony,i love this phone,but jeez!! you ppl made me sceptical.

  10. Darren says:

    If you have this problem “screen goes black and it does little vibrate”
    Try downloading the update firmware tool and follow instrauctions..


    Fixed my phone..now working ok.

  11. Soy de mexico y entiendo algo de ingles y esos comentarios acerca del SE w910…realmente vale la pena pagar 540 dlls por ese celular. es para mi hija le gusto por su diseño y sus funciones. Pero leyendo los comentarios me esta dando a pensar que no es tan efectivo como lo anuncian. Alguien me puede responder ene spañol por favor. Saludos a Todos

    1. Nanude says:

      Hmm…pues yo siempre he tenido Sony ericsson, son muy resistentes, pero este si se ve medio endeble, deverias de agarrar un case para el telefono, de los duros, seria conveniente

  12. Rolf says:

    Got mine since a few days. Nice gimmicks, but totally instable. Bluetooth fails after few minutes. Phone often restarts with default screen.
    Wish I bought any other phone.

  13. lala says:

    hey! i have the same problem with this phone like my friends. how i can turn Shake Control on??? i tried by just shaking and read the manual, but couldnt find it there!!! Help!

  14. kmi says:

    recently bought this phone after 2 months of losing my old unit – i’m really impressed. i guess i waited correctly as i was searching online for reviews on this phone and found out the first few releases had glitches and had to be recalled. aesthetics are really nice and its really simple to use.

  15. stacey says:

    for the person with the shake problem, when on media, and listening to music, theres a little button at the top, next to the power button, and then press and SHAKE 🙂 x

  16. scott says:

    i have a w910, for all of you who cant get on to your messeges, copy all ur memory to ur memory card including ur numbers or write ur numbers down, then take out ur memory card go to settings and master reset ur phone, anything not saved to ur card will be deleted but it will restart ur messeges to and u will now be able to use them again, this is a fault with the phone to stop it happening delete ur messeges and dont let them fill up, this is what causes it, unfortunatly myn has gone one step further and wont turn on it just vibrates then goes back off, has anybody got any solutions before i send it back??

  17. Aaron Gray says:

    I have never had any problems with this phone, apart from the messages thing, however, if u listen to Scott on May 3rd, u have nnothin to worry bout 🙂 Cheers Scott!!

  18. kelly-marie says:

    should i get this phone or not because reading the comments it looks bad and i dont wont to waste my money if it is rubbish

    can you recomend a phone ppl?

  19. Genna says:

    A lot of people I know have had the exact same problem and now even more have you have confirmed the same issue with this phone, a couple weeks after I upgraded to this phone last october, it started to vibrate and shut itself off and then back on again, I sent it away over Christmas and the problem seemed to be resolved, but then it started doing it again, just not as frequently – but still, that’s not good enough! I have actually just sent my phone away to the manufacture’s today because the slide mechanism has started to come away from the base of the phone, it’s a pretty sharp flip up and down so I wonder if the screws have come loose from the impact of the mechanism, has anybody else has the problem of the slider coming away from the main base? I also have the notification ‘operation failed’ with some of my mp3s and the 1GB memory won’t even let me put more than 13 songs on, so much for 1 GB. The funny thing is I really like this phone, but there’s been far too many faults, my first Sony and I thought I had been converted, I may have to rethink! Oh, and the cherry on the cake is that I may have to pay for the latest fault on the phone – ridiculous!

  20. claire says:

    i have just bought the sony ericsson w580i, i bought it today.. and already the shake control has broken, even though i have only used the shake control once. how do i get this to work? i cant find anything that switches the shake mode on or off in settings? please help me!!!!

  21. john says:

    Listen to Darren on Feb 11th
    Helped my phone, or i jsut got really lucky =]
    Overall i love this phone, have only ever used sony ericsson as in my opinion they are the nicest ones out there on the market.
    good luck to anyone who has faults on this phone though.

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  23. dan says:

    If you debrand you’re phone it will work faster on menu never swich off and the volume in walkman mode will increase this phone is great to bad for poor camera

  24. Jake says:

    had the phone a couple of days now. thought it was a brill phone at first. very good looks. nice and slim etc. not dropped it once, now it keeps crashing, screen keeps going black have 2 turn it off and on again. when u slide it up it takes quite a long time to load my wallpaper for a 21’st centry phone. music does not play loud at all thru phone. tho earphones go very loud which is a good thing. takes ages to load up when i turn on. screen keeps going to the side when i listen to music or view photos. dnt no how to get it upright again. needs a seperate charger and earphone hole. so i can listen to music whilst charging. camera is okay for a 2 megapixel. horrible to text, buttons are awful. hard to text when the buttons are so flat and thin. got a mind of its own, keeps changing music on its own! cant even get my sim card back out!!!! my shortcut button doesnt work anymore and ive only pressed it once!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! works again when i turn of and on again. wont store my photos in files on media unless i go on file manager. lots of tones and pictures that u cant delete that i dnt even want! gonna go back to my w580 and leave this ‘so called upgrade’ in my draw. no point in taking it back as all my frends say it happends 2 them too. i even have to send off 4 my speakers that i payed for with ma phone, this may be argos’s fault of s.e im nt sure. overall this is a very gd lookin phone but the rest of it is pathetic. all these reasons above are true. i do not reccomend this phone to any1. s.e if u carry on making phones as lame as this i will go back to samsung. as i have been a customer to samsung and s.e for years.

  25. laita says:

    Hi i might get this fone 4 x-mas but with your coments I dont think i will is this phone good or not because there are some good coments but quite a lot of bad ones. please help!!!

  26. lynn says:

    this phone is the worst phone i have ever had. it keeps crashing and turning itself on and off. also my slider has got jammed alot!. ive had to take it to be repaired twice in the last 4 weeks. now the repairman is saying it might be beyond repair. i havent dropped this phone once either and the phone is in very good condition. i would not recommend this phone to anyone.

  27. I must be one of the lucky ones as mine is outstanding and totaly reliable ,i use mine all the time ,if you think it sounds good try plugging it in a sony ericsson music desk stand mds-65 its like a docking bay with speakers and it will charge the phone battery whilst it plays ,you can see one on youtube and buy one off ebay for £33 at the time of writing, increadable sound ,and what an amazing phone

  28. yg says:

    and plz do NOT hesitate from buying unless you already own one and its not good cuz if u own one and u need 2 get it changed, then get it changed, cuz if this happens twice or three times then they will happily refund it and i dont think that the crashing and turning off thing is true becuz sony ericsson is such a good company now listen up LISTEN UP, I HAD BOUGHT A LAPTOP-SONY VAIO 22 YEARS AGO AND IT WORKS QUITE WELL SO DO NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT HESITATE WHILE BUYING IT NOW G’BYE CYAH LATERZ FOKES fOLKS!!!

    1. Nanude says:

      Wow dude, it took me like 20 min to read your damn comment, either you are mentaly retarded or just another guy that its cool speak something else but not english

  29. louise says:

    i brought this phone back in feburary 2008 for silly money and i have had nothing but issues. Ever since i bought it the screen goes a dark blue and the red light comes on on the back, it does this even when i havent dropped it. It is currently back in the store for it’s 5th time off to be repaired.

    the last time i sent it of they returned it with the walkman button which is used to shake to change was broken and they refuse to admit they broke it. i am now great friends with the people in the store and are friends on facebook because i see them so much!

    in theory the phone is good, its just the software which orange have put on the phone, it was intended for the earlier model. i am now going to buy a blackberry and hope i dont have to keep ferrying to and from the phone shop, tolerating with temporary phones for weeks on end! however the nokia mobile i have currently is the best phone i’ve had so far!!

    my advice if you buy it be prepared for it to keep freezing, or more annoying someone calls you but it wont let you answer it, i never get signal yet when i put my sim in the temporary phones i get pergect signal. The other issue i get is it wont let me read a text through my inbox. the messages dont show up have to press the buttoin above the 1 key. not orange’s best achieve but the upgrade is perfect and well worth the ‘investment’, oh and the slider jams!!

    jsut make sure you have insurance when getting this phone, otherwise might as well pour money down the drain! such as shame as the W800 i had for 3 years was perfect, my horse stood on it once and didnt even freeze!

  30. LilMissHazelEyes says:

    heyaah guys ,

    im really confused cuz i wanna buy dis phone 4
    ma birthdaii buh im reading all dees comments n der BAD
    n sum are good


    buh it lookz good tho 🙂

  31. beth says:

    I have this phone and it always turns itself off, and you have to take the battery out and turn it back on again. i
    I've had mine for about 1 and a half years, and now it has turned itself off and won't come on again.
    I'm going to get a new phone, as i' rather do that and have less hassle.
    It really isn't worth the money.
    I wouldn't reccomend this phone to anyone!

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