Is there an RSS Feed Reader for the iPhone only?

Now this one is baffling: We saw this site which is reader.mac.com the other day and the picture there clearly showed the iPhone with an RSS reader but now when we visit the site it just shows the basic iPhone with an image. What the heck is going on here Apple? The words clearly state on the site says “This Application Is Viewable Only On iPhone & this application can only be viewed using the iPhone. So the main question is “Is there an RSS reader interface, we have searched all over the place to verify it is true but nah not a sausage.

Possible iPhone RSS Reader

Please let us know if this is the new RSS reader for the Apple iPhone ONLY? We are begging you for information on this one.


One thought on “Is there an RSS Feed Reader for the iPhone only?”

  1. pojo644 says:

    when i load it up on my iphone this is what it says….
    “If you’d like to view an RSS feed, just enter the feed URL directly into Sarfari’s address bar.”
    i hope this helps you guys out.

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