3G iPhone to be announced on Monday for Europe: Is this a rumour?

According to Editor Guy Kewney of Newswireless who doubles as eWeek.com is saying that the iPhone will be announced on Monday, is this true or not we are not sure but here is the story anyways. Yes the 3G Apple European iPhone will be announced Monday of which there will be a four way deal of which is set to be Vodafone, Carphone Warehouse, and T-Mobile & in the front running MVNO.

If this is true do you think Greg Packer will be in a queue in the UK (hope so it is good storylines), we cannot see this being true because honestly we know for a fact that Apple will not release a 3G iPhone in Europe before the end of the year before releasing it in the US at the same time. We all know that the 2.5G iPhone was released yesterday in the US, so this tells us we will see the 2.5G iPhone here in Europe at the end of 2007. No way on earth will we see the 3G version before the US.

Do you know anymore about this rumour?


One thought on “3G iPhone to be announced on Monday for Europe: Is this a rumour?”

  1. Frank says:

    Why does the tech media listen to newswireless.net – they get rumours so wrong so often that you’d think everyone would start to ignore them. Earlier in the year 3 was going to be sold the next day to China Mobile according to them, which they retracted later as having no basis in fact. Why this site would know something that the closest Apple pundits don’t is something that you should check before you quote them.

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