Moto RAZR2 V9 Available soon with AT&T: FCC Filing

The new Moto RAZR2 V9 will apparently be available through AT&T very soon, this information comes from a new public FCC filing show, the publication will include a copy of the Motorola phones manual and exclusively reveals that the US carrier will include the new MOTO RAZR in the lineup and of which market it has an entertainment device. There will be support for downloading streaming Internet music and video over the provider’s HSDPA-based 3G wireless network in the packaging of the phone plus phone users will have the benefit of access to buying content through AT&T’s store, the design of the phone has had NO changes which we are happy about because it looks good. With a majority of FCC documents the texts will not confirm the exact release date which is a bummer but were filed in mid May which means that the Moto RAZR2 V9 will start shipping for the US market by the end of the summer.

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