Phones Review iPhone Returns Debate: Have you returned it yet?

Many people have bought the iPhone “oh man yet another review, sorry but people want to know I guess” and we all know it is a great phone, but there is also a majority of you Apple iPhone users that bought one have returned it already. We want to keep this plain and simple and ask you “Have you returned your iPhone and if so WHY?

Use the comments area below and get this going with a bang, all of our readers would love to know why. So please reply to this “Have you returned your iPhone and if so WHY?


7 thoughts on “Phones Review iPhone Returns Debate: Have you returned it yet?”

  1. Jack Smythe says:

    The AT&T fees, the high markup by Apple on the device, the dismal phone performance, and the $175 cancellation fee to recover hardware costs that AT&T did NOT subsidize is enough to convince me not to get this phone. Plus the fact that the iPod feature doesn’t work without activation is more fuel on this “bad deal” fire.

    I’m not surprised that people are returning this overpriced toy.

  2. John says:

    i returned it cause i hate the touchscreen. try dialing a number or texting walking down the street. talk about aggravating. saw a few people on another board return because it didnt have beep vm notification. if it werent for the 10% restock, i bet more people would be returning. smart move on apples part to lock people in.

  3. bimer2 says:

    1. Too pricey for the overall performance.

    2. Recessed mini headphone jack will not work with standard headphones of higher sound quality.

    3. No buit-in voice activated dialing feature for use while driving.

  4. Scott says:

    I’m returning it tomorrow. After playing with it for a week while on vacation, I’m disapointed in it. I don’t know how many times I was looking at web pages and then all of a sudden be sent to the home screen for no reason. Or while listening to the ipod and on internet at same time and then the music cuts out. Not only that but they made me get a new number instead of adding 2 years to my contract (which I have a year left on) so I would be paying $9.99 a month for an extra line for the family plan just to use it. Not worth it. I’ll pay the $60 and return it tomorrow and when my 2 years is up I might get an iphone if Apple improves it greatly.

  5. Stephen says:

    wanted to mention that my T-mobile plan is 40 bucks plus 10 for the unlimited wi-fi—-and an extra 5 for 400 messages (any type, pic or text or mms–incoming and outgoing total) and an extra 6 for t-mobile web which is painful and i only use it for checking email) so that’s $61 plus fees so the cervice cost is not different, what’s different is that I have virtually unlimited minutes vs. 450 rollover monthly. big difference.

  6. Chris Meola says:

    I returned my iphone because it didn’t get reception at my workplace or home. If I walked outside, the reception picked up and was okay, but otherwise I was out of luck. My complaint was less about Apple than about AT&T. I re-upped with Verizon and bought an LG Touch and have had no trouble since.

    Chris Meola

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