Apple rumours: O2 apparently supplying iPhone in the UK

There are rumours going around which please do not quote us on this that Apple have said the O2 operator suppliers of mobile phones can supply the new Apple iPhone exclusively to the UK and of which will be available around Christmas. The thing is yes there are rumours of O2 supplying the iPhone but then on the other hand O2 have officially declined to comment.

Vodafone were supposed to be the top favourites to be the main sellers of the iPhone, so if this story is true that O2 will be the top suppliers Vodafone will be getting a true kick in the teeth. Our moto is let the campaign begin. Vodafone apparently lost out because O2 were expected to have splashed out a share of the ongoing revenues which was generated by the networks iPhone users to Apple.

In the USA it is reported there was 500,000 iPhone units shipped in the first few days, will we here in the UK see it being as popular with O2 on the case.

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