New Sony Ericsson Victoria: Are they prepping this for launch?

There is a rumour that Sony Ericsson and this is going to be hot if true that they are prepping their new mobile phone and the rumour is a codename of Victoria is in the works. We love rumours and we really love ones that are true to the bone, the new Sony Ericsson Victoria which and we quote “apparently” will have 3.2 megapixel camera and that the camera lens is flush to the casing and the body will be metallic. This new phone could be announced in August with a little luck. We will keep you posted on this one people.

Please let us know if you have heard of the new Sony Ericsson Victoria?



4 thoughts on “New Sony Ericsson Victoria: Are they prepping this for launch?”

  1. ds_man says:

    Woow great phone thanks for the heads up Jimmy..too bad I’ll be forced to pass it for i need a phone that works with 850 band ..just my luck =(

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