O2 UK are Frontrunners for the iPhone in September

The newest provider up for grabbing the iPhone is going to be O2 UK, an Apple insider has said and of which revealed that the iPhone paraphernalia’s ready to go and also said that they cannot see why it will not be in the UK in September, the question is we also heard that it was going to be Vodafone then T-Mobile and now it is said that O2 are the frontrunners. Either way September is only round the corner at it seems many cannot wait. O2 oh yes it seems you will win.

We have mentioned news of the iPhone coming to Europe and the UK many times such as here and here and of which many cannot wait for it to come. Yes ok we know the iPhone from Apple is coming to the UK and it seems like the rumours are becoming reality.

Will you be buying the Apple iPhone when it comes to the UK in September?

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