Ken from Japan Give us the low down: Sony Ericsson W52S is Amazing

One of our readers is Ken who is from Japan, he sent us in a comment on the Sony Ericsson W52S. Not sure if anyone can remember but we did a post some time ago about the W52S mobile phone with the title saying Sony Ericsson W52S is better than the iPhone (check it out).

We want to say a big thanks to Ken for his input on this phone he has got, so without further ado my friends read what Ken had to say about the Sony Ericsson W52S phone.

Ken Says –

Hi, I live in Japan! I just bought that phone and it is amazing, you can hear music and write an e-mail at the same time, and you can hold the e-mail and browse the Internet and then continue writing the e-mail. You can still control the music with the buttons that are in a side.

Another great thing is that you can watch movies on it. You can subscribe to a web service to download videos or just copy any video from your PC to the memory stick micro. Only you need the Sony’s Image Converter 3 software so you can convert wide screen movies and watch it full screen on the phone. The response is very fast, even opening long movies. Another great thing is that the menu is made with Flash Lite. If you know how to use Flash you can make any menu design that you like and add it to the phone. Or just download a pre-made one.

Another great thing, haven’t try it jet, but you can transmit your song from the phone to any FM radio. So you don’t need any adapter in the car to connect it. This phone is made to work with only Japanese chips so sorry for everybody that was hopping to buy one and put a GSM chip. The only way to put music on the phone is through Sony’s interface program, but the phone includes that software plus it comes with the USB cable! So there’s no problem. The only thing you need to buy is the charger and the Memory Stick Micro (has to be Magicgate). That’s all!


Phones Review Say — All credit goes to Ken for the above information which he kindly sent in, thanks Ken

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