Mobile phone WARNING: they may make you violent or sleepless

According to experts a recent study has been brought forward claiming that mobile phones — cell phones could make you violent or sleepless, this is quite scary really thinking that mobile phones could end up having violent mood swings or irritable. According to Dr Ameet Kishore who is a ENT surgeon (ENT = Ear Nose & Throat) iPods, microwaves and mobile cell phones emit EMR or electromagnetic radiation and that recent research shows there are both a thermal and an ionizing effect from all these common appliances and of which could end up harming you.

On a personal view I think that the world is becoming a crazier place saying that this could harm you and that could harm you, what we really need is pure evidence of the above because at the end of the day millions of people are using these appliances and even more so mobile cell phones.

Do you think that mobile phones could make you violent or sleepless?


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