Samsung U740 with Verizon logo is no fake

It seems over at the respectable Phone Arena the all new Samsung U740 with Verizon logo is no fake, you can clearly see Verizon imprinted above the display screen. We heard of some news about this and were going to do a post on how fake this looked and that it will never happen, but it seems the Verizon 2008 line up looks pretty well clear now.

Verizons Samsung U740

The question thou has to be for a phone in the pictures over at Phone Arena looks so ready but it looks like you might have to wait another 4 months before you can have one WHY?


One thought on “Samsung U740 with Verizon logo is no fake”

  1. mike says:

    I’m not too sure about that NOT being fake. Mainly because it is a samsung juke and a u740. The u740 is completeley different.