Bluetooth users in the UK may be taken over by spammers: Bluetooth is not covered

This is the latest news that could really pee all you Bluetooth users off because spammers are going to be in paradise, if you own a mobile phone and you use Bluetooth to transfer data, music and so forth there is a new worry that it will overrun by the dreaded Bluetooth spam in the UK.

This is a new scary worry at the UK ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) who have their views on wireless technology, the ICO are saying that they no longer consider the technology to be covered by the UK privacy laws according to Out-law.com

So who are ICO? These are the people who try and uphold the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations, so is this true that Bluetooth is not covered for sending spam messages?

Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations try to prohibit which advertisers and marketers from sending unsolicited messages on a “public electronic communications network.” You know like email or SMS.

The ruling is not the official word yet but we cannot see them not re-writing the regulations to include Bluetooth and other similar products.



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