Nokia N95 8GB black version for expected 560 Euros: shipping now

The all newly designed Nokia N95 8GB black version looks so much better than the boring silver model we are all used to now, the news is that Nokia have finally confirmed that this stunning black Nokia N95 multimedia smartphone which is a pumped up version of the normal N95 is starting to ship as I am writing this.

The new model has been beefed up with 8GB of integrated memory and some more cool features, yes this phone is now being shipped to stores worldwide and we have added a link below to Phones 2 U Direct who are waiting for the N95 8GB version to arrive, once it does arrive they will give you all the prices and plans.

The Nokia N95 8GB black edition has had a few changes and the most noticeable is the memory capacity of 8GB (well to be precise it is 8.1GB), other changes include 100MB of built in memory and the display screen has gone from 2.6 inches to 2.8 inches, we are hoping the new battery fitted will be so much better which will give you more battery life, oh and the RAM size has been doubled. The expected retail price will be around an expected 560 Euros.

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