Facebook gets launched on Blackberry smartphones: Is this a good idea

The highly popular Facebook has just been launched for BlackBerry smartphones, RIM (Research In Motion) have just launched this exciting new software app for these phones which will enable you to get very fast optimized and streamlined mobile access to the highly popular Facebook social utility using BlackBerry phones.

This is very good news for all you Face book and BlackBerry lovers because with these two combined you will be able to wirelessly send and view messages, pokes, photos and Wall posts.

This is a great way to keep connected with colleagues and friends, you can send notes to each other even send photos and upload it to the site with your very own captions and tags plus you can invite friends, manage photo albums, manage events and even manage their status while on the move.

Facebook for the BlackBerry Smartphones will be available as a free download which is highly convienient.

Will you stay connected and use Facebook on your BlackBerry?

Read — Official Press Release

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One thought on “Facebook gets launched on Blackberry smartphones: Is this a good idea”

  1. Both Facebook and Blackberry have both been described as inherently addictive technologies – people can spend hours on each of them. Is putting them together a good idea? It certainly makes good business sense but it might just lead to loads of people doing nothing but Facebooking all the time!

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