Samsung F110 Adidas sports phone: Coming to UK November 2007

The all new and coming soon in November 2007 is the sexy Samsung F110 Adidas sports phone, so it looks like Samsung and Adidas have banged their heads together to produce the Samsung F110 Adidas, hopefully sources are correct and this handset does make it to the United Kingdom in November.

The Samsung F110 Adidas sports mobile phone is obviously aimed at all you fitness fanatics; features include a 2-inch screen, heartbeat monitor, MP3 player, step counter, GPRS/EDGE connectivity and FM radio tuner plus a 2-megapixel camera. Apparently there are no hidden gimmicks just the basic of sports phone really.

Samsung F110 Adidas sports phone pic 2

We will keep you posted of exact release but if you know any different please do let us know in the comments area below this review. Thanks

Samsung F110 Adidas sports phone pic 1

Source — GSM Helpdesk

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4 thoughts on “Samsung F110 Adidas sports phone: Coming to UK November 2007”

  1. Nice idea with the heart monitor and step counter, but that kind of information is not that useful unless you can hook it up with a program or website that monitors your capabilities over time. Like the Nike/iPod hookup – track your progress and fitness over time, offer tips & advice for exercise. That would be good – else it’s not much more than a gimmick.

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