TeleMax III remote control hybrid come hands free phone concept

A company called Tiller+Tiller who are an Australian design firm have designed something quite extraordinary and they are hoping that their brilliant and I want one right now TeleMax universal TV remote come hands free phone hybrid concept will make it into your homes all over the world (Here’s hoping).

This new device is apparently so simple anyone can use it, even all you people that think technology was invented by aliens. The whole set up is pretty cool, for example the very large button controls are easy to see and use even by visually impaired people, the layout and design is spot on which means of course as said above easy to use and also easy to carry around.

You can bump it, spill stuff on it and it will survive thanks to the rugged design, now to the functions, and the TeleMax III is great for muting the TV mode when you receive a telephone call plus because it is hands free the biggish look of the device will not give you any problems at all.

Please do not get too excited because the TeleMax III remote control hybrid come hands free phone concept is just that, at the moment it is in the prototype stages but and a big massive fat BUT the company Tiller+Tiller are hoping they will have a commercial version on the ready for release sometime in the next 18 months.

What do you think of the TeleMax III pictured below? please do comment

TeleMax III remote control phone pic 1

TeleMax III remote control phone pic 2

Source – Gizmag

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