Is the Quicksilver mobile phone concept the new Pac Man of the future?

This all new unofficial Quicksilver mobile phone concept surely has to be the Pac man of the future, this is truly interesting to look at and the more we do the more we love and say “Make the damn thing” by the looks of the pictures this new concept phone features a 3.2 mega pixel camera, GPRS, USB and a navigator.

Quicksilver mobile phone concept pic 3

There is also Bluetooth, there are more but my eyes are not that great. This mobile phone is definitely unconventional to say the least and the unique way of it opening up really intrigues me, it opens upwards to the left and when doing so the screen is attached to the left part leaving the keypad on the other part (frigging superb).

Quicksilver mobile phone concept pic 2

Pac-Man eat your heart out son because if this ever gets made you are going back in the closet, sorry Pac-man we love you still but it is time to move over to the new born king of concept mobile technology.

Quicksilver mobile phone concept pic 1

Will this phone ever be made is the question?



One thought on “Is the Quicksilver mobile phone concept the new Pac Man of the future?”

  1. priyank says:


    its amazing , like where man is moving forward, amazing technologies, amazing brains, but i always wonder like these products luk beautiful to have but r they comfertable for our hands… or they r just an idea which comes in every fraction of seconds or goes likes tht. but seriously, amazing designs …. pace of technology is good but service provders are not able to compete them so it luks like useless to have such kind of phones….

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