New Motorola T505 Bluetooth Car Speakerphone allows you to listen to music via your mobile phone

Motorola have a brand new Bluetooth Car Speakerphone and Digital FM Transmitter which will apparently be available in Q1 2008 which is great news. This is going to give you the benefits of hands free driving with the all new Motorola MOTOROKR T505 which is nothing new but this one does look good and also has some pretty cool features.

The Motorola MOTO ROKR T505 is the first road ready and music oriented ROKR Bluetooth accessory and is the latest addition to be launched from the MOTO boys/girls. Customers who buy this little cutey will be able to connect a compatible Bluetooth enabled phone to the cars sound system and you will also be able to enjoy hands free calling, you can even listen to your very own music collection via your mobile phone through your car stereo.

Motorola T505 pic 2

The Motorola T505 or MOTOROKR T505 what ever you prefer is highly portable that has no wires whatsoever and there is no pain in the ass installation to worry about either (BONUS), all you need to do is clip the device to your car’s visor and pair it using Motorola’s EasyPair(TM) technology to a compatible Bluetooth device and when it has been connected to a stereo Bluetooth mobile phone like the MOTORAZR or even MOTOROKR Z6 all your calls and music are streamed wirelessly to your vehicles stereo (stereos have to be Bluetooth compatible). As you know phones can be connected to car sound systems.

Motorola T505 pic 1

The T505 has many features which include StationFinder(TM); T505 automatically mutes the music and audibly announces the Caller-ID, echo and noise reduction technology, microphone plus outstanding sound and zero static and 2-watt speaker.

The Motorola T505 is expected to become available in Q1 2008. For more information please Click Here.


8 thoughts on “New Motorola T505 Bluetooth Car Speakerphone allows you to listen to music via your mobile phone”

  1. nick says:

    Sorry Mark but you’ve got confused a little with this one…as you state at the top of the post this device includes a “Digital FM Transmitter” so you can tune your car radio into this device over FM. Therefore you dont need a “bluetooth compatible car radio”, if you did have such a radio then you wouldnt need to buy this device at all!?! The ability to tune your car radio into this device means you get all the benifits of a professionally installed car-kit (i.e. the callers voice is sent through the car hifi) without the hefty price tag, and the ability to listen to the music stored on your phone, through your car hifi! This device even has track skip and pause/play buttons so you can control the music you are listening to without having to touch your phone. I also think that this is “something new” as I have never seen a bluetooth car kit / FM modulator / Music streamer device like this before…

  2. tony says:

    Just bought the motorola rokrt505, it sounds great. The music is streamed over any fm radio, the radio does not have to have bluetooth. The call quality is excellent. Callers said they could not tell I was using a speaker phone. Great product Moto.

  3. I like this device , i was told that it sounds very good for the receiver but i have a few questions, do you shut the power off at the end of the day and if yes then it seems like i need to find another FM station , i’m i doing something wrong ?

    thank you

  4. Michael says:

    Can you use this device with two different phones with different phone numbers?

    I can’t find any info on that.

    It would be nice to have one unit in the car that both my wife and I could use with our phones.

  5. james piper says:

    I purchased a Motorola T505 Bluetooth for my car a few weeks ago. I have misplace/lost my instruction instructions that came with the unit. Please tell me how can I go on the web and get a copy of the instructions.


  6. chris sprague says:

    seems to work great with calls, and music that is on my phone…. but i am having trouble listening to my radio stations while paired with the devise.. I called support, they said I could do that then hung up.. 4 times urg ;(

    I could use it for the music on my phone if I had any, just wanted to listen to the radio at the same time.

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