Opticom Big Button Corded phone.

The Opticon Big Button corded telephone is great for those who have impaired vision as it incorporates large easy to read buttons. The Opticom Big Button comes in white and can be wall mounted, and is hearing aid compatible, so is the ideal home phone for the visually and hearing impaired. 

The Opticom Big Button can be obtained at Argos for the very reasonable price of £19.99, and can be delivered to your door in 2 working day subject to stock availability.

Opticom Big Button

·         Last number redial.

·         Secrecy button.

·         Size (H)8.8, (W)20, (D)23.5cm.

·         2 year manufacturer’s guarantee.

To contact and purchase the Opticon Big Button phone please click here

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5 thoughts on “Opticom Big Button Corded phone.”

  1. Jacky L. says:

    I do like this phone as well. This is truly helpful for an aged person like me. But of course, the old folks cannot carry a phone of this size when walking around outside the house. They need a smaller version—they need a cell phone. Oops! We I mean. Well, I excluded myself because I already have a cell phone of my own that is truly convenient for an old folk, a Just5 phone.

    I’m writing this comment to inform the seniors out there that they can certainly enjoy the benefits of having their own cell phone without shelling out a big amount an without scaring themselves on its intricate features. Just5 phone makes it possible for seniors to enjoy a simple and very practical cell phone. As well, this is very helpful to secure one’s safety at all times through its emergency S.O.S. button. So encourage the old ones to own this phone apart from the phone that is featured on this website. It’s truly a remarkable experience!

  2. Airwater says:

    I tried this on a BT line as a speakerphone. I could hardly hear it, even on the loud setting, and the other party could hardly hear me. Back to Argos!

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