Tritton technologies AX BlueStream Bluetooth stereo headset: Make love to your ears

Oh yes something where you can make love to your ears with an accessory, Tritton technologies have just introduced the AX BlueStream Bluetooth stereo headset which on first appearances looks bloody fantastic, and on second appearances still looks very good.

Tritton AX BlueStream Bluetooth stereo headset

The very cool and highly fashionable AX BlueStream Bluetooth stereo headset features Support A2DP for stereo audio streaming plus AVRCP for remote music playback control, CD Quality Sound and outstanding high quality voice output, phone calls via the built-in microphone, check caller ID information on the stunning integrated OLED display plus USB connectivity that works with PC or Mac-based VoIP calling.

Other features included on these AX BlueStream Bluetooth stereo headsets are 2.5-inch long clip-on device which will allow you to stream tunes to the relatively normal wired ear buds, built-in microphone, and much more see below —

Other cool features —
– Bright and easy to read “OLED” display for displaying Caller ID, volume, and music playback status.
– 3 easy to use buttons
– Universal 3.5mm headset jack
– Built in microphone
– Integrated Lapel Clip
– Suitable for all ages thanks to the design
– Built-in Li-Polymer battery for long standby and talk times
– USB Interface port allows the user to upgrade the Firmware if needed, allowing for product enhancement / maintenance
– Charge via USB, or with our AC adaptor

If you like the AX BlueStream Bluetooth stereo headset which will work fantastic with you Bluetooth mobile phone then why not pay the price of $79.99 over at Trittons right now

Source — Tritton Technologies

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