SE PXi Sony Ericsson model imitates iPhone

Here we have the SE PXi with a sporty concept design in magnesium that surrounds a large 3.3 inch touch screen. Made for left-hander’s people, but versatile enough to accommodate right-hander’s just as easily. The right-hand side of the ES PXi houses a secondary touch screen and jogdial, and also has an accommodation for 2 memory cards, and is equipped with stereo speakers and a Cybershot class 5 megapixel camera. Check out the image below and let us know what you think.


Source — Pocket-lint

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2 thoughts on “SE PXi Sony Ericsson model imitates iPhone”

  1. I think it’s harsh to say “imitates iPhone” – full-screen touch phones are more a design paradigm that goes over the entire industry and were in development long before Apple even announced the iPhone. Assigning credit for who got there first is tricky – the way screen and interface technology was going, phones of this kind were inevitable. What’s important is how well each phone performs & lives up to this new era.

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