Debate: Does the Apple iPhone have what it takes to be a winner with UK mobile phone users?

We all love debates and there are many of us who want to argue to the point of destruction so we want to know something little from you, this debate we have put together is “Does the Apple iPhone have what it takes to be a winner with UK mobile phone users?

Ok the Apple iPhone was very popular indeed with the American market but will it stamp a mark in the UK with all you mobile phone lovers, this is something we can all argue about. We want to why the iPhone is good, why the iPhone is bad and just about anything you have in your head you wish to just shout out.

We here at Phones Review want to know how you feel, what you want because we love to listen. So please do get in on this Apple iPhone debate and share with us and our readers your views by using the comment area below.


10 thoughts on “Debate: Does the Apple iPhone have what it takes to be a winner with UK mobile phone users?”

  1. Dan says:

    The iPhone will be good but I am not sure if it will be as big as in the U.S., for me it will be the HTC Touch Dual that I want.

    The reason is becuase I want a pay as you go phone and not contract, the iPhone is contract only.

    Here is a hands on of the phone at Stuff 2007 (Link)

  2. sam says:

    i dont think so. the problem is i think the iphone got hyped too much before release and i reality although i is a gr8 phone, its not as amazing as i thought it would be and i dont think its worth the price. its like £279 + 18 month contract at £35…it may be good but in my opinion its overpriced.

  3. I reckon it will be successful but not as successful as it could be. The lack of 3G is a bit of a killer and many people do prefer physical keys over a touch screen. It is the coolest phone but not the most practicle IMO

  4. The 2.5G model is good, but not great. In America with the slow 3G roll-out it has done just fine. The same model would die in Asia, and will take a lot to get rolling in Europe. To me it is more of a wait and see, but expect it to do well. It’s Apple.

  5. It will do well. My son lives in Australia and bought two in SF (yes it can be unlocked). He did not intend to buy one for himself until he tried it in an Apple store. You get hooked quickly. Try it and you will see.

  6. Jon says:

    As an American who has spent time living in the UK, I feel that the iPhone’s success in the UK will be rather limited until a 3G version is released sometime later this year. 3G phones are nowhere near as common in the US as they are in Europe or Asia, so the average American consumer does not really know what they are missing out on compared to the internet speeds available on 3G phones.

    Once a 3G iPhone is released, I feel that it will be a significant player in nearly every major market because the design and usability are top notch, and by that time, the phone will have broadband like internet speeds and hopefully a GPS as well. Although there are phones out there right now which trounce the iPhone in terms of the internet connection and what can be done with it, I feel that the iPhone is the simplest and most user friendly phone on the market, which will give it immense appeal once the technology catches up.

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